SmartThings (Samsung Connect) iOS 1.6.13 (August 11 2018)

iOS 1.6.13 was released. Added support for the new hub.

But it does not open for me, it crashes every time I attempt to open it. :frowning:

Edit: after removing the app and reinstalling, it is letting me in now.
Edit 2: updated on a second device and had the same issue. Had to remove and install a fresh copy in order to get it to work. Of course, you lose your dashboard devices and need to re-add them.

At least SHM no longer displays “Not Monitoring” in the SHM block. :slight_smile:

Anyone else getting a Network Error when trying to create a custom automation since the update? Finally worked out how to replace a webcore piston that I’ve been struggling with, but I can’t seem to get it to save.

Also, do you have to reinstall SHM in the new app? It doesn’t even look like it’s installed in the new app.

I am not seeing this issue. I just created two different custom automations with no problem.

Yes, depending on your region, it should be available to add in Automations

Ok, it seems like it’s when I try to add a scene to a custom automation… I changed the Then statement, and it saved just fine. Maybe that part isn’t working yet.

So I’m assuming that mean duplicate alerts from SHM if I do that?

You’re going to hate me. I created a scene, then created a custom automation with that scene and it saved.

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Ok, think I may have figured it out… I had a device in the scene that was also a a condition in the automation. When I tried to create the automation, and just add the steps in, when I got to that device, it didn’t have any actions available. Just gonna mess with it another day. Thanks for the help!

I had the same issues updating the app. Are you on iOS 11 or 12? I’m on 12, so chalked it up to that. So far all I’ve noticed is they updated Smart
Home Monitor to now have leak and smoke. Was only security before.

I’m not sure what they mean by “richer history” info. I don’t see any difference with the history feed

They also don’t have QR code pairing ready for the new devices, yet.

Maybe they added the hub to history? When you select it, it shows smart app running history. Which is actually very very nice to have all in one place.

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Just verified on a device that hadn’t updated yet. The automation history is new. But it’s only automations using the new API. So pretty much only STSC version of SHM and custom automation creator right now.

I am on iOS 11

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Just updated my iOS 11 iPad and saw the same thing.

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