iOS 1.6.02 update

Figured I’d use the new forum category :grin:

This update came out today 4/4/18. Since there isn’t an official change log, I’ll post my observations.

  1. Things load A LOT faster. As in the app is actually usable.
  2. a lot more z-wave and zigbee devices available to add
  3. The new SHM actually completes install now. Adds a nice tile to the dashboard. But main page just spins loading when I go into it.

Will add more as I notice things.


From our conversation in the other thread. Looks like the Android development team is ahead of the IOS team on this task (IOS still ahead with Location Mode though). Here are screenshots when selecting from the Android side for SHM:


Similar functionality as current with some added enhancements.

The setup and dashboard tile work. But the main screen doesn’t. Notice the title :joy:

I’ll trade you SHM for Modes.

The Android version is 1.7.02-45

The ability to dismiss from the main tile is nice!

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I have the same but presence detection/Geo location does not work yet so SHM at the mo is manualy set
actually i should qualify that ( Geo location ) does not work for me at least

Modes are available on Android WB ! is it not working then, tbh i dont pay much attention to modes so not really played with them

Mine crashies about 5 seconds after opening. Previous did this also. Real magical

My two mobile presence from the Classic app show up, but the descriptions aren’t helpful

I will add my early review to the group. The update has made everything run so much faster. Better than the classic app by far, very snappy response, with over 100 devices. Going between pages is great, the new automations area is very nice, especially the custom automations. Added SHM to my setup, and like above, is a nice visual update from the Classic App. Running iOS 11.3 and I am able to open the SHM and use all the controls, not getting any errors like @prjct92eh2. I was part of the Account Migration Beta, and I’m running beta Hub Firmware so this could affect what works and doesn’t. The ability to turn on and of automations is really great as well.

I know the team is adding lots of stuff, but a few of the things I would like to see added(and I’m sure many are in the works):
All my devices (The devices are separated by rooms I think, but some rooms don’t show up, which I find odd.)
Ability to Search,Sort and Filter Devices (Pet Peeve from the Classic App, and they are in no order in the New App.)
I might be missing it, but a way to reboot the hub and other utilities.

While change is always worrisome, I am really encouraged by the new app, and it has A LOT of potential to solve many of the issues we all saw with the Classic App. The UI is very clean and works well, love the work the team is doing and can’t wait for future updates and features!

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You don’t have modes available under custom automation? Mine show up there as both a Condition and Action

I was more looking for an area to edit modes, what happens when you change to a specific mode etc.

Create new modes? Or actions based off of changing to mode XYZ?

I would love both, but know new modes have only been able to be created in the IDE for years.

Should be able to do that with the custom automation option

Sorry, I had it in my head on how I thought I used modes, you are right. I was confusing modes and routines, and needing those to work in the new App, which I know they have a plan for and are working towards.

If you’ve got screenshots from the Android side, that would be great to see :slight_smile:


Could be some other settings or when I had initially turned off Location services a few weeks ago when it removed my phone from IDE. I had turned it back on when I updated to the new version and then also added the SHM Automation in. Bizarre. Not going to mess with any settings for now. As long as it’s there for Android it’s all good :slight_smile:

How strange ?? Tbh it looks a bit unfinished but the fact it exists shows things are moving along… not really fast enough but thats an end user for ya