iOS App Update 02/12/2020, Automation Screen causing application crashes

I Left my automatic update turned on (can’t believe I did this) and the new app did the automatic update that was pushed out on 02/12/2020. The problem I have is when I go to the Automation Screen, when I try to scroll down to see more that a screen full the App crashes, no error message. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, I cleared the cache, I tried to do other things in the screen, like sorting descending and it crashed. It will let me create a new automation. I’ve contacted support and they are sending it to development… not sure there timeline will be the same as mine…

Can anyone think of something I should do?


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iOS or Android?

Sorry, should have included this additional information, iPhone 11 Pro, SW ver 13.3.1.


Did all the new icons appear on the automations in that automation section or does it look like some are missing?

It looks like the icons are there for the devices that are involved with the automations.

That was my only thought. When I updated a few days ago, I noticed on mine that many of the icons were missing. I did not experience crashing though. I noticed one of my quick control from the bottom of that page had somehow moved into the upper automation section. It was labeled Power Off. When I removed it, all the icons immediately became available again.

So I am not being any help in your situation.

I am having similar problems:

I don’t understand why SmartThings doesn’t have an app Beta program. We’ve gone through 3 major UI overhauls in the past year and every single one of them has issues.

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Every single update has issues. But it is how it is. It is under continuous development.

Of all the big tech companies, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, why is it only Samsung that decide to involve the public during development? I was under the impression that development should be behind closed doors, to spare the customers unnecessary frustration and maintain a good reputation for the brand.

Look at the results from Google and Sonos recently.

Google managed to brick some devices through an update, Sonos announced that they will not support the old hardware anymore. Or the Works With Nest Program…

If they would get the users involved than the result could be easily distributed, but as they are not really getting the users involved, the result is more like a mob with pitchforks, and after a lot of promises.

SmartThings is not Samsung (yet), it is a subsidiary wholly owned by Samsung. It is like how Alphabet (Nest) was owned by Google.

I think we should feel ourselves lucky that SmartThings is open for user feedback. And the people from SmartThings are very well involved on the community forums.

Look at other companies’ community forums. Only users giving advises to each other.

But @JDRoberts can correct me, if I stated something wrongly.

Not sure what Mr Roberts has to do with anything.
But I wasn’t talking about hardware, I should of been clearer, I was talking about App development. Have you used the Alexa app? Google Home app? They’re lightening fast, they don’t hang, you don’t have to wipe app data ever, force close the app, wait 20 seconds for it to load, kill the app then start it again, accessibility issues for disabled people, missing icons, I think this is because they check first if everything is working correctly before they release it to the public.


Unfortunately, I am experiencing exactly the same problem on the iPhone. It’s only been in the last couple of days so I guess it was an app update. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn’t help. There is no similar problem on the android version. But this iPhone bug is really really frustrating.

Make sure to report the issue to ST support :slight_smile:

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