Smartthings Routine Executed by no one?

I have had ST installed and growing in my home for the better part of 2 years. One might say I’m new to this and still learning.

My issue:
I have a routine that seemingly was executed by itself. There is no clear trigger, and ST support cannot/will not determine if one of the apps/devices in my ecosystem “accidentally” triggered the Routine.

Why this is an issue:
The routine is labelled “Unlock Door”. It does what it says on the tin, and Unlocks the Door when executed.

I can see in the log when this Routine was executed. I can see in the Dev Console all available data around the event. That information, to my untrained eyes, does not give me enough insight to link the execution back to my phone, my wife’s phone, or something else accidentally triggering the event.

While I can hypothesize what I think happened, I’d like to use the data to tell its own story.

FWIW, event data are as follows:

Unlock Door was executed

Name Value
archivable true
date 2019-04-03 5:12:53.351 PM PDT (2019-04-04T00:12:53.351Z)
description Unlock Door was executed
displayed true
eventSource LOCATION
id xxxxx
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Unlock Door
locationId xxxxx
name routineExecuted
smartAppVersionId xxxxx
translatable true
type API
unixTime 1554336773351
value xxxxx
viewed false

What about in the recent tab in the Classic App? It should point to the SmartApp that was responsible for triggering the Routine…

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I’m afraid not. There is far less information there; can’t even tell that the Routine drove the unlock command.
Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place? This is from the Recents tab on the ST device (door lock) itself.

- I did find the Notifications tab where I can see the command being received.

This is what mines looks like:

What about on the SmartApp tab in the Device Tile? It will show what all apps are tied to that lock.

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Thanks - mine looks the same. From that menu, however, I cannot see who launched the command, or what triggered the command (e.g. Routine, or directly from the device). If you can, that’s functionality that doesn’t exist in my app.

FWIW I did find relevant info in the Notifications tab, as well as in the dev console under “Notifications”. When the Notification ID is selected, there’s a table entry for userID.

Data seems to indicate that this came from my account, which is odd, because I was driving at the time and did not have Smartthings open.