Way to trigger routine at certain time?

I want to use a ST supported smartapp to trigger a routine at a certain time. Anyone know if there is one and where it is located?

I found one smartapp but it also requires you to use a present sensor, which I fo not want to because it sometimes fails.

Just use CoRE. Pretty straightforward action on that.

EDIT: sorry… just noted you wanted an ST supported smartapp to do it. Obviously CoRE is community supoported only.

Can you provide some additional specifics? What routine? What are you trying to accomplish with the routine? I’m sure someone will have a great solution to suggest to help you accomplish your goal.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you want to do. But if you just want to run a routine at a specific time, that can be set within the routine’s settings. You don’t need any other smartapp. Just tap on “automatically perform [routine] when…” and then tap on “at a specific time.” Set your time. That’s it.

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Nailed it, thanks a lot man.


I just moved two of my routine to Core yesterday, some how the routine failed to executed after running fine for months :confused:

This is why I wanted a non-3rd party smartapp to run it. I heard the ST supported apps are much more reliable.

I don’t think that’s particularly true. ST has reliability issues that can affect officially supported smartapps as well as community-developed apps.

One benefit to using a supported smartapp is that when you email support, they’ll help you troubleshoot, whereas they may tell you there’s not much they can do to help you with a community-developed app.

Another is that local execution is only possible with smart lighting, but my understanding is that what’s currently supported with a v2 hub running locally is unimpressive and not what was envisioned when the new hub came out a year ago.

I haven’t tried to use CoRE yet. If you’re having an issue with it, there are active topics on this forum to help troubleshoot. I’ve heard it can have a steep learning curve, at least in terms of using its more advanced capabilities.

Either way, in the OP’s case there’s probably no reason to complicate things more than necessary. Routines can be configured to trigger at a specific time without the use of any other intermediary smartapps.