Routine randomly executed

At 10:05pm EST last night, my I’m back routine was executed. What’s alarming about this? There was no trigger for this action listed in my logs. It just happened in its own. Attached is a screenshot of my logs. I checked my presence sensors and none of them are listed as having returned at that time when I looked at their logs. In fact, all of them were listed at home the entire time.

A light coming on randomly is one thing. A routine executing is way worse, especially when locks and security modes are linked to them.

Anyone have any ideas on this one? I’ve already submitted a ticket, but I wanted to hear from the community. This has never happened before. In fact, I’ve never even had a light come on “for no reason.” If anything, I’ll have something not execute.

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I had the same thing happen yesterday at 1130pm MST.

My front door randomly opened and no one triggered the event.

Wonder what’s going on?

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I have had this happen before as well, although not recently. I use Rule Machine to detect when the door is unlocked and then auto lock it in 10 minutes. Works well enough for me, and when this happens it fires of a notice to me so that I can check to see if it was a ST event. So far, have not had any since I implemented this in my environment

What are all the normal triggering events associated with this Routine? Is this a local execution qualified Routine?

Do you have any similarly named routines?

Any recent changes to your Routines or any SmartApps connected to Routines?

Did you check the IDE for the most detailed Event history? (Unfortunately, Live Logging would be best, but it doesn’t run in the background…).

Support got back to me and they are perplexed on this one. They confirmed the presence did not trigger this event. They said they would pass this along to others on Monday to determine the cause.


I had a light turn on by itself (at 2AM no less) last week. I also had another switch turn on by itself last night shortly before 8:30 PM CST. The first one is only associated with presence arrivals, but no presence changes occurred at the time the light turned on. The second switch isn’t associated with any SmartApps. I submitted a ticket after the first event occurred. So far ST has no clue what happened.

As an update the only suggestion I’ve gotten from ST support is they think Rule Machine could’ve caused the misfires. This makes no sense to me since one of the switches isn’t tied to any rules. They recommend I move towards using more stock apps, which is a complete joke since my system has been (relatively) more reliable since moving onto Rule Machine.

I wish I could be helpful, but I just want to add my own experience… For the past couple of days, I have a single light turn on seemingly at random times - this is a light next to my bed room, so I notice it turning on 5 times last night alone. I turn it off (manually or from the mobile app) but it turns itself on again maybe 10 minutes, maybe 2 hours later. I have NO clue what causes this.

Log says it was a digital event:

2016-03-05 5:51:49.125 AM CST
3 hours ago	DEVICE /digital		switch	on		Blue Room Light switch is on
2016-03-05 5:47:23.799 AM CST
3 hours ago	DEVICE /digital		switch	off		Blue Room Light switch is off
2016-03-05 4:55:50.465 AM CST
4 hours ago	DEVICE /digital		switch	on		Blue Room Light switch is on

Does anyone know how to trace the event source?

I also have my dish washer on a metering switch. Only to monitor consumption -no smart app is touching it. Except I have an “accidental off protection” on it and on my freezer that says turn on if turned off - so in case the physical button is pressed, it will turn itself on again. The dish washer has turned itself off twice in the last 24 hours.

log says it was a DEVICE/physical in this case:

2016-03-05 1:26:40.484 AM CST
7 hours ago	DEVICE /physical		switch	off		Dishwasher Switch switch is off

I’m starting to think I need to make a routine that turns on my freezer every 30 minutes just to be safe.

Did anyone find a resolution for this? My ST is also randomy triggering the ‘I’m home’ routine whilst we are away from home.

I the logs it doesn’t say why it was triggered - I can only assume the presence sensor (our mobile phones) have failed in some way?

Presence sensing is notoriously unreliable, but no use speculating. This can be confirmed or ruled out as the cause:

  • The Event History for your Presence devices can be found in the SmartThings Classic App under the Thing, or under My Devices in

  • and/or Remove all Presence devices for a while and confirm that the Routine no longer fires unexpectedly.

That’s why Smart things does not qualify for alarm companies. Hopefully one day it will because I do like my Smartthings.