SmartThings Retail presence at Best Buy...not looking so good


Local Best Buy here in SoCal…this end-cap has been pretty sparsely stocked for a while, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. Not exactly a great representation of the SmartThings brand or the Smart Home concept. These types of end caps/store displays need to be actively maintained or removed, IMHO.


How exactly is selling product faster than you can get it back in stock a poor representation of the ST brand or the SH concept?

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I agree, my local store has a hard time keeping it in stock. The manager says that he sells many each month.

He said it is never stocked. So not as much selling faster than they can replenish as ST paid for the shelf space and the store is not maintaining it. As it sells it is not being restocked.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention… this is definitely not the brand experience we want to be portraying! Don’t hesitate to go to for SmartThings products or reach out to our support team if you need help finding first- or third-party products at other retailers nearby.

There is a balance between image versus demand fulfillment. It’s like at the wine section in the grocery store… you might not specifically know what you are looking for when you get in, but if there is an oversupply of bottles collecting dust, you might just pick something else.

We are still learning about the demand for SmartThings across different retailers and regions, and working to ensure all shelves are filled with the right amount


Do we know that’s actually the case here? Why would a store just leave inventory sitting in the stock room when the shelves for it are empty? I’m not disputing that that’s the case, mind you. I would just find it hard to believe that a major chain store would allow that sort of thing to go on.

Which is the exact opposite of this situation. Or did you mean something else?

Yep… shelves can be too empty or too full. It’s finding the right balance that is hard!


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Agreed. But, given that these particular shelves appear to be completely empty save for what looks like 4 boxes of something-or-other…doesn’t that strongly suggest that the real problem here isn’t a lack of balance for purposes of perception, but rather a complete lack of product availability?

So I’m ass-u-me-ing the store is just not bothering to order replenishments. You are assuming that they are ordering it and letting it sit in the stock room. I think my ass-u-me-tion is more likely.

For all I know ST has a contractor that is supposed to maintain the display and they contractor isn’t doing that store. Endcaps displays like that in bigbox stores are not cheap.

I’m not assuming any such thing. In fact what I’ve said is the exact opposite of that. What I would assume to be more likely is that they’re selling out faster than they can get new inventory. That may well be an incorrect assumption, but it’s at least one based on another rational assumption regarding profit motive.

Just for grins I visited the Best Buy website to see what was in stock at the stores local to me (D/FW, TX area), focusing on the items for which the bins are empty in the OP’s photo. I found that for most stores within a 20 mile radius of me the leak sensors show as “fewer than 3 left in stock”, while they were completely out of stock at a few stores. Ditto the motion sensor. The hub is a little more plentiful, but several stores were low/out of stock on even that.

I’m not convinced that this is an issue with that particular end-cap display.

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Thanks for your reply, @Aaron

FYI, the end-cap has been almost empty of product for weeks now, making it look pretty sorry. Seeing it completely bare last night sparked my post. If you’d like the stores specific location, please PM me.


You’ve almost got me asking the wife to stop by BB on her way home tonight & take a pic of the ST display.

Finally a community uprising I can get behind LOL


Using ST’s “where to buy” information I decided to check other retailers in my area that also supply current inventory information on items. For Home Depot, although the sensors can be shipped to stores, all they appear to stock normally is the hub, and most of the stores in my area show only 2 currently available, though a few have up to 5 in stock.

We have a Nebraska Furniture Mart (furniture/appliance/housewares chain with stores the size of a small city) so I checked them also, and they’re completely out of stock on the hub. Ditto the motion, leak and MP sensors. The arrival sensor and Home Monitoring Kit are available, but exact quantities are not indicated.

Most others either indicated “in stock” on most items, or did not give that information. So…the results seem to be mixed at this point.

Thanks much for sharing! Good to know this is happening. Will pass this information to the right people.

Which specific store is this? Location/address would be helpful.

If anyone see’s other stores that have empty shelves, please take a photo and include the store name and address.

Empty shelves sometimes =/= selling faster than you can get it back in stock.
My local BB has good stock on these items. So it’s possibly just management not paying attention. In any event, an empty endcap is the exact opposite of effective merchandising.

Yes, and we’ve gone over the alternative possibilities already.

And as I indicated there are quite a few large retail stores from multiple chains here (including BB) that don’t have much much stock on these items at all, and frequently none.

That’s true enough. It hurts the store, but in this case I doubt it’s hurting the brand. People who are looking for these items are going to continue looking for them in spite of that particular store being out of stock.

the BB by me always looks like that for the ST area. Sad…

So what are your thoughts about local retail stores that are actually showcasing SmartThings? These guys are much more than just stocking product like the big boxes.

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PM’d you the store location. Thanks for responding and addressing.

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