Smartthings randomly setting my mode to mode

In ST when I have all presence devices leave it runs a Goodbye scene.Over the last few months, ST randomly triggers my Mode back “Home” within a min or two which disables my security. Looks like I have lost the ability to do live logging and it appears a scene is not triggering the mode change but I can’t tell what is causing it to change.

See example, Goodbye ran at 637am, and then the mode was set to Home at 638am

You might want to check logs for your presence devices. I know that in the past I had issues with presence “bouncing”. It would trigger AWAY, then a minute later HOME, then in another minutes or two AWAY again. Same the reverse on that on arrival.

I’m using a Google Pixel 4a-5g phone running Android 13 for presence.

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I added “away from home for 1 minute” to the presence sensors (a delay) and that stopped the same issue for me.


Yes, I’m running a ShatpTool rule to wait for one to two minutes and then initiates my goodbye scene. The problem is it’s really random after my mode is sent to Away it just put itself in ”home”. This morning as an example, it was in the away mode for over an hour and then it randomly set itself to “Home”

you may want to post screenshots of your rules that involve setting mode and scenes (blackout any personal info).

also check the logs on your presence sensors as mentioned above to see if they are changing.