Don't Automatically Change Mode When Phone Becomes "Present"

Hello all! I’m trying to set up some routines so that when my phone comes into range, the mode is “away”, and the front door contact sensor opens certain lights come on and then the mode is set to “home”. The problem is that whenever my phone is detected as inside the geofence the mode changes automatically to “Home” and so my routine doesn’t trigger because it’s based on the mode still being “away.”

I can’t find for the life of me where ST is set up so that if my phone is detected as present the mode should automatically flip to “home.” Even if I could just have it go to some other mode first, like “present” or something, that would still work for me, although it seems a bit like a hack.

Is there a way to tell ST that I don’t want an automatic mode change with presence?


Smartthings is a very flexible system – – but you have to set up each individual rule. There isn’t anything that would automatically change mode at home when your phone arrives unless you set that up somewhere.

So the first step is to figure out what is causing that mode change when you arrive.

  1. Open the mobile app

  2. select the “my home” (4 tiny squares icon) at the bottom of the screen

  3. select “family” at the top of the my home screen. This will take you to a screen which lists all of your presence devices.

  1. click on the one that is being set when you don’t want it to be. This will open to its detail screen.

  2. at the top of the detail screen, click on “smart apps”

  1. now you should see a list of any routines and smartapps that reference this device. Just open each one to figure out what you have set up to happen when you arrive. :sunglasses:

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Wow, now I feel incredibly stupid - your confirmation that nothing was automatically changing the mode prompted me to look at every rule I have set up. I use SmartRules to set up some of my triggers, and I had a rule for turning off anything that was left on and set the mode to “away” if my iPhone was not detected for 5 minutes. However, the routine that it ran reset the mode to “home” again.

Thanks for your help! Coming over from Wink has simultaneously been awesome and a huge learning curve!

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