Smartthings presence sensor trigger on internet loss

I woke up this morning with all the downstairs lights on. Turns out that at 1:00AM the hub went offline for a few minutes. When it came back it detected the smartthings presence sensor and so turned on the lights. I often get the hub disconnecting and then reconnecting, I guess it is being rebooted with an update? However, triggering as if someone just arrived home during the reboot should not happen.
I will set the ‘presence timeout’ to 10 minutes to give the hub time to reboot before the sensor triggers as not-present but this seems wrong to be forced to do this.
Probably only Samsung can fix this issue.

Not sure how your rule/piston/automation is written to trigger the lights. You might could tweak the settings to avoid middle of the night lights on condition.

The bigger issue in my mind is why your hub goes offline on a routine basis. I would say that is the issue you should really be discussing with SmartThings support.

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