SmartThings Presence Sensor Discontinued in UK?

I am having real trouble trying to source SmartThings Presence Sensors in the UK, they seem to be out of stock everywhere.

I rely on having a Zigbee sensor for presence detection partly because my work is so close to home, therefore the geo-fence isn’t wide enough to pick up when I’ve left using Mobile Presence. Therefore when my presence sensor broke I needed a like-for-like replacement.

I’ve resorted to buying a whole Starter Kit to harvest just the presence sensor from that. Does anyone have any info as to whether this has officially been discontinued and any advice as to the latest alternative key fob presence solutions for SmartThings please?

I wish I could help, but I’ve come here with the same issue. Just Tweeted SmartThings and Samsung as one of mine has broken (the stupid brittle battery clips) and the battery won’t stay in the holder anymore.

They better not have discontinued them after making them a really important part of the eco system. Fingers crossed there is something (even better) to replace them.

I bought 4 of them (at £28 each on eBay) to stock up in case mine or my partners fail - hopefully they haven’t been discontinued.

You are quite local to me Chris - I’m in Canterbury, good to know there is another ST user nearby!

I have to say that all the pointers are to it being end of line, and the flow of used ones onto eBay has dried up too. I hope not as it is a useful bit of kit.

I had similar with mine, the battery won’t stay in/on the circuit board. But, once in the plastic case with the lid on & clicked in place - all is good.

Just in case you’ve not tried it…

A bit of blu-tack on top of the battery helped mine stay in place when mine broke.

There is a new “access key” which is just starting to be released in Europe. It may act as a replacement, I’m not sure.

What is gp-u999sovldqa smartthings access?

Meanwhile, some of the starter kits have one of the original arrival sensors, you can look for those.

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From what I can make out, the thing shown on the door is the bit that connects to the hub, and is activated by the key thing being within around 2.5 m / 8 ft, or by the keypad. This seems an interesting idea, though only if you can buy extra keys. The retail price being suggested on the sites advertising it is of the order of £110, which seems eye watering for what is really a more secure version of hiding a button behind a bush and hoping no one is watching.

I guess if you use the arrival/presence sensors with a single access point for things like disarming alarms, and can stop laughing at the price, then it is an interesting alternative and indeed a better idea in some respects. It seems to me that it would only indicate arrival though, not presence.

If, however, you use the arrival/presence sensors as a slightly more hit and miss arrival sensor (anywhere from fifty feet away to walking through the door) and as a suggestion of recent presence, then it isn’t in any way a replacement.

I don’t know about anywhere else, but in the UK a couple of years back the starter kits used to retail at about £200 but were often available from Amazon for £100, while the individual price of the hub was about £90. So unsurprisingly a really healthy market developed in cheap brand new hubs and arrival sensors from starter kits that had been purchased just for the outlet and other sensors (even without selling the unwanted bits, £100 was less than the individual prices for these). This market has largely dried up now, largely because of price changes, and also because it is anybodies guess what Samsung actually sell in the UK now (and I include Samsung in that).

The arrival sensors have always been marmite, and a healthy nearly new market was driven by those who couldn’t get on with the things and just wanted to get rid of them. That seems to have largely dried up now, in favour of unrealistic prices based on scarcity, and a much smaller used market.

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I used Scotch tape to fix it in. Works well for the past 2 years. Those plastic battery clips are a nightmare. I am always confused what should be the right way to remove the battery.

@orangebucket, I have actually bought a second starter set for all the extra pieces and bit. The Hub hasn’t been ever powered on.

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The £79 price in my post above was for a starter kit

Dispatched from and sold by Amazon

Not a third party. No idea how long that price (or inventory) will last, but for right now it’s a good price from a reputable seller. :sunglasses:

But the hub itself is down to £45. Still, for a contact sensor, motion sensor, pocketsocket, and arrival sensor combo the starter kit is a good deal.

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