New Presence Sensors?



Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been looking to get a Smartthings Presence Sensor, as my wife’s phone keeps having issues with location updates.

Most of the usual places to buy one seem out of stock, and even Amazon says 1-2 months dispatch. Is there a UK shortage, or are does anyone think Samsung may be getting ready to release a new version of the sensor?

I know I can order direct from Samsung, but I’d rather not, if an updated sensor is soon to be released.


(Brian) #2

Can I suggest Life360?

I’ve stopped using fobs it works so much better. Hiccup very rarely.


I did consider trying that - I haven’t yet though.

My (better) half uses FB, Messenger, Instagram and various other memory-heavy apps on her S6, and with Smartthings sitting quietly in the background, I wonder if the phone optimises it to death to free up memory. I can’t add it to an exclusion list. I wonder whether Life360 would suffer the same fate?

I appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:

(Paul) #4

Life360 is widely reported to be more stable than ST’s native presence detection, and it has been that way consistently for years. Of course, there are still problems as using a phone’s geolocation for presence is not a foolproof method, but I can almost guarantee you’ll get better results.

I started by using the ST presence detectors (1st gen units), but I had two units DOA and two others with broken battery compartments. Even when they were “working,” there were some unfortunate limitations with using z-wave presence sensors, including range, mesh stability, and battery life. Perhaps later units will address my physical complaints, but I doubt they can overcome the limitations of the z-wave protocol.

Since Life360 is free, I would strongly suggest trying that out. If it doesn’t work for you after a few months, you can give whatever the current generation of ST presence sensors is a try.


With two recommendations for Life360, I’ll crack on and get that installed. Thank you :smiley:

(Robin) #6

If you join the webCoRE forum and earn trust level 1 you’ll gain access to the webCoRE mobile app beta category (iOS and Android)… presence detection on steroids, multiple locations with distance from locations… direct webCoRE integration!!

(Robin) #7

Interesting… Currys our if stock also:

You’d think that if a newer version was coming out, ST would pull their amazon listing altogether, rather than stating ‘1-2 months delivery’… so probably just a shipping shortage.


I put Life360 onto the phone a few days ago. It worked well at first, but now refuses to update location in Smartthings.

Last resort is to factory-reset the phone, but I’m convinced that it’s the Samsung OS (Galaxy S6) force-killing tasks in the background. Both Life360 and Smartthings are excluded from any battery optimisation processes, so the only thing I can think of is memory optimisation.

I can’t find any way of stopping Android from killing certain background processes. I know I can change the number of permitted running processes in the Dev options for the phone, but the “Default” selection is higher than the other choices already.

(Brian) #9

Every so often like once every 3-6 months I have to rest the app. Essentially open it and close it.

Try that once at least before you go nuts.

(Elizabeth Bolden) #10

I had two delivered today by Amazon that I ordered yesterday.