WTB: Presence/Arrival Sensor - UK

Hi does anyone know where i can buy any of these (outside of ebay)?

I’m in the UK and after having a presence sensor for the house work flawlessly, i need another after i broke mine accidentally. Don’t know if these are end of life, as i can’t find any anywhere.

I’m a little wary of trying to get any smart kit from ebay.

I’ve tried using my phone as a presence sensor but it’s just not as reliable, i’m happy to entertain any other suggestions if anyone has anything that has worked well?

Thanks in advance

The newer model is called an “arrival” sensor. They occasionally show up on Amazon.co.uk from third party sellers

It is usually worth looking at Currys. I believe there is or was some kind of tie up with them. At the moment the arrival sensors are out of stock online but it isn’t clear whether this is because they are priced at £12 and have sold out (and I missed out), or if they are priced at £12 to offload them as end of life (if indeed they are).

Most of mine did come from eBay. I’m fairly relaxed about purchasing them as they are often unwanted parts of starter kits or don’t really work for the seller. I’m a little more wary of previously owned mains powered items though I do have two or three.

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