Smartthings Presence sensor issues

So yesterday and today My presence sensor, which is not hooked up to anything BTW decided on its own to go on 5 walks around the neighborhood? It is sitting on my desk and as far as I can tell by the way it is constructed it can’t move on it’s own. It seems really wonky and unreliable. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions for making it actually detect its presence with the hub?

lots of posts about them disconnecting and re-connection on there own. I had mine triggering our garage for a while but stop because of the long polling time, short battery life, and misfires. I just think they are not quite ready for prime time yet. Maybe the Gen 2 ones will be better

Thanks for the quick reply. It concerns me because I was going to plop it in the glovebox of my hotrod but that would make me think the car was being stolen way to often when it actually wasn’t.


how often does it normally get stolen?

you can try increasing the delay time before notification.

My fobs usually only leave for a minute.

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I had weird presence issues (with fobs in each car) until I beefed up my Zigbee mesh with a plugged in device nearer to the garage. Ever since, presence has been rock solid.

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A 2.4 Ghz WiFi router can interfere with Zigbee. My low-rent Verizon router consistently knocks all presence detectors offline when streaming large amounts of data.

E.g., if we stream any Netflix over WiFi, or I download a large software update via WiFi, all the presence detectors will go offline. I’m about to switch my router (in part because of that).