Smartthings outlet tripping breaker when plugged in

I have tried to plug in my Smartthings outlet in two separate rooms (two different breakers) and the breakers trip as I am plugging the outlet in. Anyone else have this problem?

try flipping it upside down so the prongs go in the opposite holes… shouldn’t make a difference but just curious what happens.

Its a three prong plug so not sure that will work, but thanks for the suggestion.

A couple questions:

  1. Have they ever worked?

  2. Have you done any electrical work recently?

Just got the outlet and have never been able to plug it in without tripping a breaker. No electrical work done recently and the house is about 10 years old. I have noticed that the breakers in the house do generally trip easily so maybe its an issue with the overall electrical system in the house. (Breaker loads not sufficient??)

plugging a device in that barely has a load shouldn’t trip the breaker. I finished my basement a few years ago and did all the wiring myself. I flip-flopped the hot and neutral on 1 outlet on a circuit and I didn’t know it until I went to plug something in and then it would do the same and trip the breaker.

If nothing has been changed electrically recently, that wouldn’t be the problem. Can you plug other items into those outlets and not have them trip? High load items like a toaster or hair dryer?

I do have other items plugged into the outlets (tv, dvr etc) and have tried with nothing else plugged in either way the Smartthings outlet trips.

Are your breakers GFCI or ground fault circuit interupters?

No I ended up returning it to smartthings and they sent me out a new one… no further issues.