Another light fixture trips breaker

I’m just getting started with Smartthings, I got a hub and a fan switch - GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus (14287). I haven’t even had a chance to setup the hub yet, but I installed the switch without issue. It correctly controls the fan speed.

Installation was on a Sunday, but of course I had a business trip on Monday. Now I’m getting a call from my spouse on Tuesday that when she flips the light on in another room (same breaker) the breaker trips. Note, everything was fine with the light in the other room for two days.

Any ideas?

Several things could cause this:

  • Loose neutral or ground wire
  • arching where ground may be close to your line terminal

I am very versed in wiring and one day my office went dark while everything else in house was fine. So single circuit breaker. I had to think about where power came into room and go from there. Turned out my neutral wire pigtail wire nut was loose and that cause the breaker to trip. Odd thing was I hadn’t touched this switch in weeks.

My advise would be to pull out switch and make sure all connections and wire bits are tight and your wires are properly pushed back where arching cannot happen. The breaker is tripping because of a safety issue.

This does seem like the most likely issue. I just think it’s strange that it only happens when the light in the other room goes on, not any of the other lights on the circuit. I didn’t have her try the fan itself (yet).

Hum unless it’s an arc fault breaker only way to cause breaker to flip is if line and ground or neutral connect. Maybe something is up with your neutral connection on the fan Smart switch.