SmartThings Power Outlet kicks out Circuit Breaker

Hi Guys/Girls?

I have a SmartThings power outlet - that every (about) 2nd time it is activated - kicks out my MCB/circuit breaker. Manually switching same circuits - or switching with Memo Switch - DOES NOT kick out the circuit breaker on the same circuits.

Total load on the entire circuit is about peak 500-600w - where each of the two active outlets use 200-300 watt each. Circuit breaker for the entire ring is 32 amp.

As most of my test gear is still in a container from the country we lived in before - this is bugging me…:frowning: (Fluke 434 and Current probes incoming…)

anyway - has anyone else seen this behavior?

Is it taking out an RCD/RCBO or specifically an MCB? Personally I would try the smart outlet on a different ring/radial if possible to help prove if it is a dickie/sensitive breaker OR if it is the outlet. Modern houses have split systems so upstairs sockets are on a different circuit. Older ones may not but you could try it on a cooker socket if you have a cooker circuit with a socket - normally the socket is next to the red switch for the oven - only test it with a lamp or similar.

What specifically do you have plugged into the outlet causing you trouble?

Nope only the MCB is taken out. And the ring is only for my studio - nothing else is on the MCB - so load only around 500-600 watt total. Yes I have a lot of available power for my studio :slight_smile:

Connected items - 2 screens - 2 notebooks - 1 desktop computer - and a couple of accessories and an electric sit / stand desk. I think I will try to put my scope on it (isolated ScopeMeter) to get an indication of where things go - but a bit hard to debug without current probe :slight_smile: synced through Fluke 434.

I just recently moved the outlet to the table - before I only used it to measure power on the other outlet and had never used the switch on/off part. But as I said - manual switching - no issue - Belkin Wemo switching - no issue.

Very strange, I would still try it on a different circuit in the house personally. Sounds like it could be an iffy outlet in which case give support a shout.

Do you have metal faceplates?

I’ve stopped using my SmartThings Outlet due to the fact I can hear the buzzing sound of electricity when I plug it in…

Yes I do have chrome fronts on them. But the plates are grounded… But I’ll check :slight_smile: later how grounded the plug is. My gear is arriving tomorrow I hope …

Mine are grounded too, but I still get the buzzing. They’re not earthed directly, but the screws into the metal backbox earth them.

My WeMo switch doesn’t have these issues though