Smartthings outlet problem

Hi all,

New to Smartthings, have a problem with a smartthings outlet that I just purchased. It seems to be “tripping out” when the power load goes over 600w. Reading the outlet information, it seems that it shouldn’t have a problem but none the less it does.

Basically I have a water leak sensor that I wanted to make where if a leak is detected, a smart outlet with my ice machine (the one in having a problem with) will automatically turn off.

The outlet ran for a few days with no problem but when I checked this morning, the power on the ice machine was off and the light on the from was flashing red. I manually turned the plug back on by pressing the button then turned the ice machine back on. It ran for about a minute and then as soon as the compressor turned on, the outlet turned off and started flashing red again. Checked the smartthings classic app and the last power reading it had was just under 600w. This is a brand new ice machine that had been running fine (not tripping out any of my breakers) when plugged into my wall outlet directly.

Just to be clear, this is the smart outlet that I have

Am I overloading the smart outlet? If so, is there a different outlet that I can use that will support an appliance?

I bet you’re overloading it. I wouldn’t use those devices with that type machine appliance, but I would recommend these:

I have 5 of them, and they work just fine. I use the device handler on @TheSmartestHouse web site to set up my settings, but then I switch back to the SmartThings “zwave metering switch” device handler so that it runs local on the hub.


I’ll go with overloading as well. I couldn’t find the specs for that outlet in terms of its power rating so I don’t know what it can handle. However, the compressor will draw a heavy load on startup and then a lesser load while running. That outlet might be ok with the constant load but tripping on the startup load.

Thanks, ill try this

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Reviving an old topic because I am having the same problem. I had wanted to use my SmartThings Smart Outlet (GP-U999SJVLDAA) with my Frigidaire window air conditioner (GHWW083WB1) so I could monitor its power usage but apparently it is overloading the outlet. From the information that I’ve found online, this particular ST outlet is rated at 15 amps - the same electrical rating of the Zooz Power Switch. If anyone knows of a Z-Wave or ZigBee smart plug that has a higher amp rating, please post your suggestion.