SmartThings Outage - Jan 27 2018

Looks like the ide is back up. Also lights just responded. App still broken.

This has been an eventful January.

3 Major outages. :joy:


Yeah, I’m going to have to start looking at a local solution… Didn’t like having to go unplug strobes, sirens and was just about to pull the batteries out of the pretty white box…

If you look topics:

SmartThings Outage - 01/03/18
SmartThings Outage - 01/16/18

Same complaints about sirens and alarms. Ya, either look at an actual alarm system or at the very least remove your Sirens / Alarm buzzers from SHM and triggers so you can avoid at least that very annoying part. :slight_smile:


Uk mobile app still down
Actually to be more accurate, Dashboard down, things up !!

There are different options, I really liked smartthings. It just doesn’t work as designed. Smartthings App is still down, but active tiles works. I have 40 or 50 devices, and have been depending on them.

Same here can actually login now :slight_smile:

My first day with smartthings, I was very impressed, now I see this along with an expired SSL cert. C’mon samsung do better than this!

Unable to access either the mobile app or website here in the UK

My hub still shows offline in the app.

my app just came online

Uk Dashboard and things mobile app now on line for me

Uk working here too

Mobile app working in US too. Shard na02-useast1.

Came home and my garage door was open…that’s always awesome.

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How is Home Assistant? Will probably go that direction. My home network doesn’t go down…

Im testing it as we speak, ive been testing for like 3 weeks now
I have to warn you the learning curve is steeeeep

if you ever decide to go that way, look at node red for home assistant (you have to install hassio first)

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Hub still offline even though SmartThings says the outage is over. Sigh.