SmartThings Outage - Jan 16 2018

So, as a fairly new ST user, is this a common thing, or an anomaly?

See if you can resolve this issue :slight_smile:

:rofl: this one is beyond my troubleshooting. No access.

I’m still on V1 hub and the app and IDE are down but all my automatons still appear to be working.

Me too. I’m not feeling to comfortable with this platform right now. 2 incidents this close together after firmware updates to fix problems isn’t very confidence inspiring. I’m stating to feel like a beta tester.

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There are hiccups from time to time. But the last few weeks for downtime have been phenomenal from what I call the norm over the last year. Especially globally impacting.

From Québec Canada I am down too.

Interesting. Kicked out of the app, AT and WC are dead, and Alexa just goes “boink” when you give her a ST command. I may have to explain the concept of a light switch to the family.

“Okay everybody, this white thing on the wall is called a switch. It can actually make a light go on and off!” :grin:

Haven’t had much downtime in the last year but there has been a global failure twice in the last month. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were local commands but everything seems to go through their servers. Maybe they should work on that…

Same here in Scandinavia also, nothing works…

We assume everyone is down.

How about someone posting who is still up and running?



Some people don’t think that far out as having a backup plan :joy:

You will see those people start screaming soon that they are leaving the platform and going elsewhere.

This is a pretty terrible time to have (another) massive failing in smartthings, between terrible geolocation for the last few months and not even two full weeks since the last time which left me without lights in half the house. Now I can’t disarm, which means I have to unplug smartthings and take the batteries out and go without lights. I think this is it, I’m ready to move on to something else. Why did ST work so well one year ago?

It’s probably my fault. I ran a Z-Wave repair this afternoon with > 130 devices. Probably used up off of ST”s compute resources!


Or perhaps people use smartthings bulbs in locations which are not on a switch. I rent, so installing switches is not feasible.

Wasn’t some of the v2 hub designs (backup batteries, etc.) to help prevent this? Shouldn’t it function on the local network at least maybe not remotely but at least locally?

It’s funny you say that. We were helping a guy in another thread about problems adding Hue bulbs to ST.

Literally one minute after I had him push the button on the Bridge, everything came down. Brad was there too.

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Wink is still up!! haha having fun with this


Not thinking of leaving. but I am considering having layered devices between Iris and ST now :grin:

My cloud automations appear to be running ok. Just pressed an Iris SmartButton and the expected action occurred.

Can’t get in the app or IDE though.