SmartThings Outage - Jan 16 2018

Ya it looks like backend pieces are running ok.

Down in Texas. I just opened the Android app and it acted like I was a new user…same for my wife.

Time to manually turn on the lights :slight_smile:

I had just gotten my new IKEA TRADFRI light bulbs and enabeled webCoRE when the outage hit. I was positive I completely screwed up my system by messing around with webCoRE. Kinda glad to see everyone else is having issues too.

Oh well. The lights are working at my local bar …


Manually turning on lights is so frustrating. :slight_smile:

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That’s a great plan. That why I tell people who have Hue Bulbs. Get the Hue Bridge!

When SmartThings goes down you still have full control of your lighting via the Hue App, Alexa or Google Home.


Alexa, call Uber!


I hear you. I had something similar happen last time only with a thermostat cranked up that was slaved to a virtual that stopped giving orders. Not good. I think I have it worked out now but still leary.

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I’m sure that Smart Lighting is still functioning locally for those of you with Hub V2 and properly selected and configured devices and Smart Lighting…


unless you just got home from work and cant disarm or change the mode…


Have to use keys and light switches in the meantime.

I am in NY on been down for more 30 mins now.

  • their outage page shows service is operational - why do they lie about status?

It clearly says there’s a platform outage on the status page.


As @NRidgely points out above, even if you have everything set up for local processing, mode changes, smart home monitor armed status, and routines don’t run locally. :disappointed_relieved: And you have no control from the mobile app during a cloud outage.

Local processing as currently implemented is fine if you just want to have some lights go on and off with your motion sensors (assuming, of course, that you didn’t put any mode restrictions on that) but it doesn’t really protect you from a cloud outage because of these other issues. It may be better than nothing, but then again, maybe not if it continues to think you are away when you are home or vice versa. Or just if it thinks it’s day when night comes. :scream:

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They haven’t gotten to updating that part yet. Your lucky to even see the Platform outage message. That usually shows up way later. They actually posted that within 5 minutes of the actual outage.


Agreed, they’re not usually nearly that fast.

Wonder if they were messing with something on the back end…


Yeah, I was thinking exactly that after seeing folks having issues with the last outage. Might be worth replacing a handful of Cree bulbs with Hue whites.

Right now all my ‘on’ lights but one are Hue. The one Cree bulb is set nicely enough that it can wait til ST comes back online.

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They pushed the Live button and not the Test. It’s a two part process that one person performs.


HA You didn’t go through Wink outages, they were long and terrible and the fact that my GE Link bulbs kept dropping out. After one of them Wink devices had to be manually re-flashed. I finally gave up and switch to ST about 6 months ago after 2 years with Wink and no problems other than a couple of outages.

Assuming, of course, that you can…