SmartThings Outage - Jan 03 2018

I’m surprised there hasn’t been any coverage in the tech press

stick with phones BUT use vanilla Android not your crappy skin

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It’s actually passable to be honest. It took them a while but what they delivered is pretty good IMHO.

I’m not. :slight_smile:

Today has been horrible, but I haven’t experienced this before. For those complaining and wanting to switch, do these outages happen to you often? I am just wondering if I have been lucky.

I didn’t do enough homework, and I expected it to be a reliable mass-market consumer product. Basically a hue bridge for zigbee sensors and Z wave switches.

It does way more than I thought, but without the MFOP. I saw it had the two certified controllers and I fell for the marketing. My bad. I thought I would have to do my research on individual third-party devices, not on the platform itself. But I learned after that.

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Not to this scale but hiccups are fairly common in my experience.

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i’ve owned SmartThings for just over a year and I wouldn’t trust this for home security or anything critical (like monitoring elderly parents). At this point, it’s just a hobby for home automation enthusiasts and gadget geeks.

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The first bug reports page in the community – created wiki gives a pretty good picture.

But there are a lot of different reasons why some people might be more affected than others.

I spend most of my life in one of two rooms and I rely on the home automation system. So if there’s a glitch affecting my house, it’s very likely that I will notice. A lot of other people might have a much more complex set up, but spend a lot of time away from home and just might not notice some of the glitches.

Of course a situation like today, pretty much everyone is going to notice. :ghost: :scream:

I can’t seem to post or edit my post to add more than one image. :frowning:


Especially those of us in the Northeast who are homebound in the middle of a blizzard.

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First big one I have experienced in a year. There has been some minor idiosyncracies and for some, they have removed functional elements that JD mentioned earlier like voiceover and television integration that are a pretty big thing. But this is on the biggest scale I have witnessed.

They definitely have some major flaws as you have seen everyone discussing here, but I guess after my initial jerk into reality early on, the way I have my system / home setup, I don’t have near the expectations that others have trying to rely on it as a security hub or the sole source of functionality for how lights and power to things are turned on and off. As I stated above, I paid $99 for the central intelligence of the entire system and have countless $1000s of dollars invested in devices and integrations, but I expect this to happen. Hope for the best but always plan for the worst. They and others in this industry have a long way to go to reach the expectations of the general population, but until that happens, you have to take this with a grain of salt and expect that it’s going to happen, or find another alternative solution that better suits your needs. It’s pretty simple really.

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The tech reporters are all busy covering Spectre and meltdown.

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In our current house I only have about 20 device, and I haven’t noticed many outages in the past year or so, I also don’t have many automations. But we are currently renovating a house that already has over 100 devices and a ton of pistons, I guess I am going to be noticing much more outages now.

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Are we back in business?

Still messed up here…

Smart Lighting still doesn’t work for me. Unable to trigger lights based on motion. I went into Smart Lighting and re-configured everything, still no go. My hallway is always dark now and I have to use the manual switch. Unacceptable.