SmartThings Outage - Jan 03 2018

Abode as well right?

Yes, actually just added that one and a couple of more to my original post. :sunglasses:

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What I’d like to see is one with both of those and bluetooth. Along with all of the customization you can do with smartapps.

Bluetooth is available in some of them. And a few allow you to write smart app type code.

The real issue actually isn’t smartapps: it’s device type handlers. Many of these systems require the manufacturer to add zigbee devices to their fingerprint library before you can use them. Smartthings is very unusual in that regard.

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What I’d like to be able to see is a Million dollars in an Amazon box at my front door when I say “Alexa, Show me the money”.


Yes I didn’t think of that and didn’t know that either. Doesn’t the v2 have bluetooth unactivated in it?

So I’m going to decide to chime in here, I might have broken the system for you all st people, I would like to apologize. :wink:

I have several st systems for personal & business.

So it went down like this I had a bad feeling yesterday before I was working on a clients system. I just felt like there was going to be huge outage. But I decided to work on it anyway. Low and behold 4+ hrs into the project st took a shit I blame it on my god like thoughts. Haha I’m am partially serous about this I always have pre thoughts & at times they come true 85%.

Ok now…

I have been with you guys since the kick starter days way before you Samsung cut that fat check.

Let’s get down to some details here yes we all shouldn’t be freaking out as we all know outages happen but when someone’s pump or something critical is running for hours while that st user is say out of state or country this is huge. Now like a previous poster said if you don’t want this then spend 50k on a system.

I partially don’t agree with that. Here is why.

I do allot of system engineering and design, here is my 2 cents and I think those of you who know would agree.

Our community has had alarm options & custom apps developed way before st main users had it and I’m talking Years before!

Let’s also not get into I could custom set a device handler for our z wave locks then & then add custom codes something st has finally added & then they decided to ditch some important options We as part of the community developed (like notifications when a user has entered via that certain code & burn after one use) there reasoning behind that is beyond me.

If it was me I would have improved on it added a few good devs to project to add requested features.

Oh and I’m not saying all is bad because when st finally decided to take the community’s custom alarm smart app I believe they hired the original who wrote it. Let’s also not leave out Smarttiles smart app which a user from the community made. But Alex I believe his name decided to charge for it. Which is fine I understand but these are some the reasons I love the innovation that has happpend here.

I could go on and on how they should have embraced the community more and open a App type store for those who write good smart apps. Of course I would set a $1-5 max in the store, I don’t think most of you would mind contributing a little $ to these community dev members.

Ok now let’s get into this issue currently.

This whole automation system down for certiain users should not happen, this could have been prevented, here is my idea how, you give us options! Simple!

You allow us who want to run a virtualized version of your so called cloud, I really simply hate this “cloud” bull shitacki :wink: cloud is just rented servers on a infrastructure like AWS running your code the main brain of smartthings well guess what most of us have addiquite pcs lying around to run a docker image of that piece that’s holding us back during a outage. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about it would basically take st to allow us to run our own haha “cloud” locally. Oh and guess what there is something called encryption, if you caugh caugh Samsung are worrried about us who could see the code.

Oh and guess what? all st would have to do is little programming on there end to there app and hubs to allow a failover local or even remote ip for those would like to.

I just hate non innovative people and when there are issues you innovate and create. Don’t lock us down cause we will leave. But instead embrace what you have that most hubs out there don’t. Don’t lag when it’s simple!! I had a iPad version of your smartthings app 3+ years before. Come on it’s a damn ui & format it correctly don’t make people zoom a iPhone sized app on there iPad! I just don’t understand who is running the development teams or maybe they just don’t care cause this is just there home automation foot in the door to there product line. But if your listing Samsung you have a upper hand somewhat here and you could lose it if things don’t change.

I have plenty of ideas to make things better as whole give us the tools we will all help you build a amazing road to success in automation j benefit for all.

I’m sorry I don’t usually like to bore everyone on my by typing lengthy posts via my phone. But I felt I had to chime in.

Btw Samsung I know you guys also gave up on a backup / migration option but I have a solution for that as well.

Come on! just outrageous us users with over 100 devices and customizations etc. Hubs will die eventually, we need this & you know it.

Btw I created this profile just to monitor and chime in from time to time so please accept my apologies in advance if I don’t happen to get back to any of your questions.

Also please accept my poor grammar mis spelling if any. I’m not one to sit and type crazy I am on my old Nokia trying to play snake and post my reply to this thread over the Edge network we don’t have LTE in these parts.

JK lol who all remembers those days damn we have come so far but yet so far to go!

Thanks for your time! Signing out Ricky Bobby :slight_smile:


Jeff could afford it himself.

Yes, but they’ve never turned it on so we can’t use it. Right now the Bluetooth antenna in Wink 2 has very limited use, but you can use it with the Switchmate Bluetooth switches.

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Sorry to interrupt the banter, but is there any word on a resumption of service?

Lights, vents, etc are going bonkers right now. Occupied areas are having lighting go off, and unoccupied areas are very well-lit right now with phantom or delayed motion triggers.

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No just an update from Tim about 1 1/2 hours ago that they are still investigating.

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I agree with a lot of what this guy is saying, especially our own home back up system in case of cloud shit storm like now. I’m not sure we’ll ever see it but let us hope.

I personally would just turn your hub off and monitor the community.

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I just realized why I over slept by over an hour this morning! I use a good morning routine to turn on my bedroom lights, and Harmony to turn my tv and tv volume up. 12 hours later I just got the notification on my phone that my good morning routine was performed!

Damn you cloud, guess I better go back to using an alarm on my phone for backup.

We’re a lot more entertaining as well.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking something similar to you. Allow the user to run their own containerized version of the st back end.

If its containerized you can run it anywhere you want-- run it with ST and maybe they provide some services around your infrastructure that make it “better” somehow and worth paying them a monthly fee. Run it in your own aws account if you’re into not having hardware on site, or run it on local hardware if that floats your boat.

If samsung won’t do this, and I get the feeling they don’t care enough to bother, maybe its time to start discussing writing an open source replacement for st?

There are a couple of open source home automation projects out there that you can look into. All will require considerable technical skill. The most popular probably are home assistant and openhab, so if you’re interested in that kind of direction you might just take a look at those.

Those folks who write paid-for apps that piggy back on ST must be loving this mess right now. Gotta be frustrating handling that when you have zero control over the system you are interfacing with.

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And they will then have to write open source on top of the issues with he current open source, thus creating the never ending circle of HA :grin:

I agree that there is no existing HA platform that is stable enough. My point is that this isn’t a technical issue as much as a business and management problem.

Like Apple did with the iphone, some vendor is going to come along and hit it out of the park with HA/IoT and make a fortune. Samsung had the opportunity to do that but I no longer believe they have the organizational skills, customer focus, or product expertise to succeed at it. The companies that do are probably limited to google and amazon or a startup looking to be acquired by one of the two.

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