SmartThings Outage - Feb 02 2018

Yes, unfortunately it is. Do not rely on SmartThings for anything critical and be sure you can control key devices without ST.


Yup it’s all down. IDE, Android App… it’s all dead.

This is HORRIBLE I am scheduled to install a ST hub for my mother in law tomorrow morning. I’ve had this system for just under 2 months and this ISH has gone down at least once every week. I’m betting on you VETS who say “this never happened before”.

DougWinter, I hope you’re a patient man :eyes: :flushed:

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It’s happened before…just not this frequently.

It’s not particularly unusual, but the widespread outages have been a little more frequent than typical.

There was at least one major outage every month in 2016 and 2017 except, I think, for one of the January’s.

And there’s usually been a partial outage glitch which would only affect some customers or only some devices about every 10 days.

You can see past history at the two links I gave above: the official status page will typically list only widespread major outages, the first bug reports will list more of the partials.

The company has been saying since the spring of 2016 that they were going to make reliability a top priority, but if you look at the actual data, they continue to push out a lot of new features, which is nice, but MFOP ( maintenance free operating period) has yet to go past a month, and is often less than that. :disappointed_relieved:


@mrfields2u, lately… feels like an outage every week or some other issue with apps.

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Well thank god it’s been back for me, shout out if it’s back for you. :expressionless:

This one has been weird for - very flaky and intermittent. Never was totally out, one minute working another minute not working

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I am curious: can anyone who has the new ADT/smartthings security hub confirm one way or the other whether they were affected by this outage.



If they’re making reliability a top priority, then they’re absolutely failing at it. At the very least I wish they would have a features channel and stable channel. People can play around in the features channel if they want the shiny things, while people who want things like their lights to work can use stable.


NOW THAT would be interesting to find out.

I like this approach. As you may know, this is what Phillips does with their hue bridge. New features are first tested in “Hue labs” and it’s up to each customer which, if any, of the experimental features they want to try. :sunglasses:


not fixed for me… hue lights on the hue hub still not working… they work fine directly on the the hue app.

actually nothing still turning on off from the app. the app works, status shows ok, nohing of the devices work.

My local automations all continued to work (as expected). That would be your ‘stable’ channel, and it is something you’d have to be responsible for understanding.

My integrations with Hue and Alexa have been hit-or-miss for a few hours.

Well I’ve moved everything I had on IRIS to ST except for my LeakSmart system. I don’t trust the SmartThings platform anymore. #TrustIsEarned

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This could be totally coincidental, but one of the UK members, who is not affected by the platform outage, is also reporting a Hue/Alexa problem during this time:

Overall Web performance, both in business and Home, have been bad the past 24 hours.

For once an outage that hasn’t impacted me or my system! (leaves to buy a lottery ticket…)

I remember Alex, the CEO posting here on how they were committed to reliability and stability. Since then the only stability has been his ongoing disappearance from the forum, and the reliability is in that he’s not returning to the forum.

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