Smartthings Novice Needs Help

Hi All, I need Help. i want to use smartthings as a alarm system and i purchased a Dlink-z510 with 6 different sounds. when i install this to smartthings i can only get the siren sound to work. so i did a bit of research on here, i found a device mamager that will allow all the sounds to work, great i thought. i went through how to get the device manager on to smartthings, saving it publishing it to me, then the problem starts. on the button simulator it works fine, all the sounds but it wont work on the smartthings app, it just say can’t reach device. its driving me nuts. any help guys


It sounds like your using the new Smartthings app. The new app doesn’t support custom DTH yet. Install the Smartthings Classic app.

Thanks for the info, did not know there was another version. i will try it and let you know how i get on

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