Need help with fortrezz siren

(Steven) #1

Can’t get my smartthings to add my new siren! Can anyone help. I tired pushing the learn button twice then add… Nothing is workin! Any help world be great thanks!


(Ben Edwards) #2

How from the hub are you trying to pair it? Also is it plugged in or on battery?

(Curtis Frazier) #3

Help! This is me. I have it plugged in, I hit the program button once, nothing. (I’m 5 feet from my hub, tried it form 20 feet too)

Unplug it, for a bit. Plug it back in, hit the button 2x, nothing. I my ST hub will just not see it. I have a couple Quirky/GE Trippys that I had to create a new device type for and I managed to get those added just fine. Any ideas?