Smart Alarm with D-Link Siren DCH Z510

@geko, I was wondering if you and/or others can help?

I managed to install the D-Link Siren DCH Z510 in the IDE and I’m using Smart Alarm (many thanks for that). Initially, I had problem getting the Smart Alarm to work despite getting ST notifications/ SMS. Within ALARM OPTIONS, I specified SIREN name and CHOOSE SIREN MODE. Once I specified WHICH SWITCHES, the alarm worked.

The current issue is this: D-Link Siren DCH Z510 comes with 5 sound options. I was able to play the various sounds within the ST app THINGS section. However, once my alarm is tripped, Smart Alarm plays only the generic sound. What can I do the get Smart Alarm to be able to specify the various sounds?

Thinking on top of my head (not sure if I’m correct or not): one option is to incorporate the event codes (Looking for help for Z-Wave alarm / signal: DLINK DCH-Z510) into Smart Alarm. Another option is to use a virtual switch to play the specific sounds - not sure how to implement this or if it works. Then use Smart alarm to activate these newly created switch.

Thanks in advance.

You need a custom device handler for this siren that allows mapping of the SmartThings ‘Alarm’ capability to the sound of your choice.

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I am having problems pairing the device, anyone can offer some advise on this?

Did you manage to find a solution? I used Rule Machine and it worked. However, I’m not sure if RM is still being supported as it was sometime ago when I was last here.

Do you find any solution ? - i cant even pair my Z510 sirene