Scheduled : SmartThings Infrastructure Update [North America - July 8th 2017]

Anyone anxious about the midnight update push?

Maintenance Details On Saturday, July 8th, between 12:00am and 1:00am, we will be migrating and upgrading the SmartThings cloud platform. This update will increase the resilience of the SmartThings infrastructure.

During this time, control of devices, automations, and notifications will not be available, and the Hub and mobile app will be offline for many customers. When the update is complete, your Hub will reconnect to the SmartThings platform and devices and automations will resume operating.

A little :anguished:. Hopefully it’s for the greater good.

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Yes. Was planning on migrating my large set up to a new hub tomorrow. :grimacing:

So you finally decided to move on to Vera? Muahhahh…


I saw the new echosistant is a few weeks away so I’m going to hold off on reinstalling that app until the new release. #hurryup


Well, my hub is a year and as half old… Never been replaced and never crashed from an update…

Guess it will be my turn this time!

Seriously? Less than 24 hours notice for a platform outage? And in the middle of the night on a weekend? Words fail me… :rage:


Lolol don’t worry… In a few hours words won’t be the only thing failing!


I’ve found that most of the 4-letter ones never let me down in situations like this.


Oh wait! P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E. thoughts everyone!

For the first time ever! They let us know what is about to happen and not pushed it through and hope no one will notice!!!.. Is that positive enuf?

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And for us on the west coast, that’s 9 pm!


Whichever, I can’t get an aide here without spending a ton of money and my reliable housemate is going to be out with his girlfriend. :scream:

So SmartThings actually feels that it is reasonable for their platform to be DOWN from 9pm to 10pm on a Friday evening (Pacific Time; the home timezone of SmartThing HQ)?

This is a time range when folks are turning on lights, control home theater systems, leaving their houses to go out on the town and expecting security to be functional, shutting off lights for early bedtime, etc? :confounded: :cry:

EDIT: As pointed out in following post, there is “no good day or time” for this sort of thing. Instead:

  1. Would be nice to have further advance notice.

  2. Would be nice to be able to defer until time convenience to oneself. This is becoming less and less common; Skype, for example, will arbitrarily delay an important phone call by deciding to update upon startup with no option to defer the update. W.T.F.?

  3. And, of course, the “Smart Cloud” should be engineered with redundancies and failovers to reduce (to near zero, hopefully) the need for outages.

Sigh… Of course this is just bellyaching, yet it is a non-trivial scenario that continues to hamper consumer adoption of this product.


Any hour you pick is going to be inconvenient for somebody. Which is why if you expect people to actually depend on the home automation system, you need to do one of two things:

One) allow updates to be postponed until a time convenient to the individual customer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work with a cloud-based system or:

  1. provide sufficient advance notice, preferably a week but certainly at least three days, so that the customer can arrange for the appropriate Plan B for their household while the outage is underway.

err… Saturday :smiley: same thing, maybe slightly worse :smiley:


Does this infect SHM in this way that we can expect fault alarms, if the connection interrupts or get calls from Scout?

We will basically be reduced to the dark ages… Until someone gets up and turns on the light.

Oh the evil!

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Walk a mile in my shoes. Oh, wait…:scream:

Again, if Samsung expects people to rely on this as a home automation system they need to take scheduling outages into account. Just sayin’…