SmartThings Nov. 10 Infrastructure Update

Seems like child apps executing parent.method are failing with an AccessDenied error.

That includes Security (SHM) at line 594:

error Access Denied @ line 594`

CoRE at various lines:

error	║ ERROR: Could not update parent app: Access Denied @ line 4034

SHM did not disarm my system this morning either after the infrastructure update was applied. The system ran my ‘good morning’ routine, but the mode did not change to ‘disarm’. Manual change of mode to ‘disarm’ does not function either. One interesting thing is that all of my lights turned on when the security system was triggered and I received a notification of an intrusion, but none of my sirens (total of 6) triggered. It seems that it’s not just the mode change that’s a problem, but also how the system sends out actions to devices.

Smart Home Monitor is not disarming for me as well. I’ll head over and put in a ticket as well.

I’m traveling. I just got the text from my wife “my clicker isn’t working and the automatic lights don’t work. They are useless”

I’m not about to try to gather details from her so I can write to support. I would like to stay married to her.

I did notice my mode did not change from night to day as it should have.

I did see the notification earlier this week and knew I would be traveling. I wishfully thought it would be a seamless update…

Same for me.

Similar SHM issue for me this morning. Just checked app dashboard and it showed disarmed, but when I go into SHM still says armed home. App seems to have moved into Home mode after running I’mHome routine. SmartTiles still says in night mode though.

Where do you go to “put in a ticket”? Access Denied

this is a mess

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Also experiencing the same SHM symptoms. Mine was unarmed at the time of “upgrade” and cannot be armed.

At least both of my systems appear to be online following the update.

New update, and of course the system is wonky. We cannot disarm any of my locations. Emailed support. Grr. Perhaps @slagle can provide some advice on what to do when a system won’t disarm?

I see in the logs: Access Denied @ line 327

Around each time we hit Disarmed, so literally nothing we can do but unplug the system.

Anyone else experiencing this? I was about to commend them on the massive speed of the system, but of course my opinion has sunk quickly at the moment.

Yes. I can’t change the smh status from armed home to any other status. Thank goodness I didn’t have the sirens armed.

I’m so sick of this not working right.

I rebooted the hub with the online utility and no help, btw.

Same goes for me. Mine is actually especially odd though. Even though it’s locked in “armed” home status, it only randomly triggers the alarm when we open outer doors. The lights that are supposed to be triggered don’t always turn on either.


I experienced a couple of issues after the upgrade.

My 5am morning routine that checks for presence then wakes up the house failed to fire. The second issue was my SHM wouldn’t disarm by forced routine or direct input (selecting disarm). I ended up having to delete the security rule and re-input.

Not sure if these issues will repeat themselves but we’ll see. I wish there was a bit more detail on what the upgrade entailed.


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Stuck in night mode. tried a few times to run the good morning routine as well as the goodbye routine, No Luck

Same here.

Go to the bottom of the page.

We have observed this issue as well and are currently investigating. Hang tight - more info will come soon.

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I signed up to report the same issue. Monitor didn’t disarm automatically this morning and won’t disarm manually from the app. V1 hub. Going to have to unplug it so we can leave the house.

My 5AM routine did not fire this morning - scheduled for about a half hour after I got the “all done” email. In case @Aaron is playing the tagging game, #274143 is my ticket.