SmartThings not updating Arlo to disarm

Hi All

I’m running into a strange issue. I have Arlo integrated with SmartThings. Arlo will arm when smart things arms the home monitoring. However, it will not disarm when smarthings disarms when we arrive home. I have tried removing the integration and re setting it up but still has the same issue. Any ideas?

Hi Sean
I have the same issue too - cant seem to get it to disarm on the Smart Home Monitor using a routine

Hope someone can point in the right direction please?
Regards, Paul

Keep Arlo in armed mode always. Then use SmartThings to turn on or off cameras based on rules or routines. The cameras are considered switches. This seems to work well for me.

Hi Robertk
is it possible to stop the dual notifications? I can work by arming and turning off events, but cant turn off notification in Arlo?

Thanks, Paul

I haven’t tried to do that. I rely on the Arlo notifications so I can set different tone than SmartThings. Most phones allow you to go into the application settings (I’m on Android) and you can turn notifications off for the application.

Hi did we find a solution to this? I am having the same issue.