Ring Doorbell not sending notifications for motion or button push

I’ve tried everything. It was working for a long time and I even transitioned from the old app and didn’t re-install it or anything. Then, I was having trouble with the device and I removed and reinstalled it but now I get no notifications. The app is seeing the doorbell because I am able to read the battery level and when I try to do live view, the events in the IDE show {“InHomeURL”:"rtsp://"rtsp://us.rtsp.ring.com:443/c2…(truncated for clarity). Multiple reinstalls have not fixed it. Ring support says it’s a Smartthings issue. It’s a first gen Ring Doorbell.

Try to re-add doorbell again. Do complete remove, and add it again. There was recent ST change from Ring (Connect) to new API connection
After that it will work

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thanks for the response @milandjurovic71. Are you saying do a complete uninstall of the ring doorbell in smart things? I’ve done that multiple times. I did that and then deleted all the data for smart things and restarted.I have also uninstalled the ring device and reinstalled it in the ring app. I have even deleted the app connection for smartthings in the ring setup. This was all done earlier today.

Brian - Did you ever get it to work? Mine went offline about a week ago according to the ST app, but I continue to receive motion notifications from it through ST. I’ve just been waiting to see if it would finally sync back up.

Still haven’t gotten it to work. I’m not getting notifications through Alexa either. Smartthings, Ring and Amazon all say it’s the other’s fault.

Add me to the list. I have a Doorbell (1st Gen), Floodlight and Stick-up Cam (Wired) and I’m no longer getting motion events from any of them. I am using the motion events to control exterior lights and no bueno for several weeks I guess. I’ve also tried everything short of removing and re-adding the devices in Ring itself - which I may try.

You can use the Alexa app as an intermediary for now if you like. The doorbell motion should show up as a trigger for an Alexa routine.

I might, but Alexa doesn’t give me the options I want. Alexa has time-based but can’t do sunrise/sunset. It also doesn’t have “turn off after xx time”. My automation has a Ring camera paired with non-Ring lights. I want them to turn on with motion and then turn off after a set period of time but only when it’s dark. I was even using this to control the Ring Floodlight Cam’s lights since the way Ring handles the light isn’t adequate.

To add: I’m considering also using a virtual switch to have motion detected by Alexa trigger my ST automation but that would be imperfect at best and definitely a bit of a pain.

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Correct—for complex logic with this method you need to use the intermediary (in this case Alexa, although you can probably also use IFTTT) to turn on a virtual device and then put all the complex filters over on the smartthings side. As you note, that’s both complex and annoying.

But since having porch lights come on is often mission critical for many households, I did just want to mention the option.

Not sure what changed but I’m getting Ring camera and doorbell motion alerts again in SmartThings.

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I have to do some testing but I think it’s connected to my motion alerts config in the Ring app. The two shouldn’t be connected but may very well be.

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