Ring doorbell pro alerts

I have my Ring doorbell set up through ST, it seems there isnt any options to tweak anything?
I also have motion alerts set up through the ring app and get alerts when motion is detected, is there a way to NOT get alerts via ST for motion? It means im getting 2 alerts, thats not really needed


You’re right, there’s nothing to tweak. What were you trying to change that the Ring app won’t do?

You must have an ST SmartApp set up to do that. I have a Ring Pro, and the only notifications I get are via the Ring app, not ST, even though I have them integrated.

Did you allow SHM to use all your motion sensors by chance?

I did the opposite of John I disabled the motion notifications in Ring. I prefer the notifications from ST, since it has geo fencing. I only get motion notifications when we are away. I did leave the doorbell notification with Ring so I get them anytime my doorbell is rang.

When you disable motion notifications in Ring, are you saying you disabled motion alerts in the ring app? Or did you disable notifications produced by the ring app via the phone OS? Doesn’t disabling motion alerts in the ring app itself also prevent the motion being recorded by their cloud service? I find the recordings great for reviewing suspicious activity, but I also don’t need the constant alerts while at home. Right now I have the phone OS ignore notifications at night, but I like the idea of making it geosensitive as well.

Under the device you can disable ring alerts and motion alerts. I have ring alerts enabled and motion alerts disabled. If you disable motion alerts it only disables the alerts. It will still record it just will not alert you each time it does. I have ST set up for the motion alerts.

Hmm, I don’t have a smart app running through the doorbell. Only SmartRules but that’s only to switch on some lights when they Bell is pressed, when we are out.

But I got a ‘front door intrusion’ alert from ST today whilst I was out. The postman posted a letter through the letterbox but didn’t press the bell. Has this to do with smart home monitor?

It sure does

Ah I see that now. I had it using every motion sensor :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike. I think I had lowered the sensitivity of the motion detection in the past and that definitely reduced the recording captured. I must have assumed disabling the alerts would lose them all together. Glad to hear that’s not the case. I suppose one “drawback” to handling motion alerts via ST is that it takes a little bit more effort to launch Ring to access the live video stream. (The ring app wouldn’t launch from the ST notification.) Maybe tasker could be used to make that happen? I haven’t dived too deeply into tasker to know for sure.

thats my reasoning for using ring to handle the alerts, you can click on the notification and it takes you straight to live vie within ring

Not a big deal to me to start up the ring app from phone but I see the point of doing it the other way. I just don’t want all the alerts while I am home and ST things presence allows that. If someone rings the doorbell I want to be able to open the app quickly.

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Thought about doing it from ST so I can only have Motion notifications whilst away, but I do like the fact I can have my chime ring even when I’m at home as not everyone presses the doorbell. But it’s annoying to have these notifications go off when you leave and arrive home.

This is me. I only allow ring alerts via the Ring app. For motion, I define the parameters of notifications in ST via wenCoRE.

However, in the Ring App, you can set up a schedule for alerts. It’s not as flexible as doing it via ST.

As far as opting the app to view notifications, I just say, “Siri, open Ring”…