SmartThings NEVER Stops Sending Notifications for Kasa Matter Smart Switches

Starting this topic because my smartthings app is driving me crazy. I am getting popups on every galaxy phone in the house every 2-3 minutes and nothing seems to stop it.

Here is a list of what i tried already to no extent:

  • disabling notifications in smartthings
  • uninstalling smart things
  • disabling the “look for nearby devices” option in smartthings
  • removing the devices from Google Home
  • adding the devices to smart things

It does not make any sense being annoyed by notifications that are supposed to be disabled, even more so by notifications from an uninstalled app. There must be a way to stop this insanity

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :rage:

What’s the wording of the notification?

Screenshot to follow next time i get it

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Couldn’t get the SS, but basically says: new device detected: kasa matter smart switch, click to add to smart things

may or may not be helpful:

got it, sorry about the French…

so options are:
add, close (notification) or add to other app

Ok, that helps.

My guess is it’s coming from one of the “special arrangements” smartthings has with both Google Home and Alexa where are they privately tell each other about matter devices detected in the home. It’s supposed to make it easier to add the device to all the platforms, but it will keep nagging you until you have added it to all the platforms via matter.

That’s not the way the matter specification is supposed to work, it’s supposed to be up to the customer to decide which platforms they want to use. But the private arrangement is making the assumption that you want to use all of them.

So I believe the notifications won’t go away until you have individually added it as a matter device to each of the platforms that you have.

(by the way, you don’t have this problem with Apple home because they are using the vanilla matter multi admin feature, they didn’t add their own thing on top of that like smartthings did.)


What’s the model of the Kasa switch? And which platforms is it currently added to with matter? :thinking:

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interesting, but how do i find if it’s the case (and fix it)

I believe that is handled in the Kasa app

currently only added to kasa app. Was added to Google Home too but i removed them from there in an effort to get rid of the notifications

model is ks205

just tried adding it to Google Home again (only platform i have) and popups are still there even though the switches added to smartthings automatically when i added to Google Home

And it is added via matter to both smartthings and Google Home? Not using the regular integration?

Yep… although i uninstalled from every platform and installed again (only in Kasa app) and it seems like no popups now , fingers crossed


I am having the same fu$#ing issue.
Please help.

I keep getting notifications about adding to smart things. I have around 40 dimmer switches at home so I don’t want to have to remove them one by one and readd them

check in your Kasa app that each device was added as the correct model. one user reported they selected the wrong model for a smart plug. Once they corrected it… the notifications stopped on the ST side.

Hi Estevan,

You are not going to like my answer but the only thing that fixed it for me is uninstalling in smart things, then Google Home , then Kasa, to reinstall only in Kasa afterwards.