How to stop "A New Device Has Been Found" notification?

I use Kasa and have zero interest in SmartThings. I have a Samsung tablet running Android 12. I do not have the SmartThings app installed, yet I get a notification “A New Device Has Been Found” “Add this device to SmartThings”.

How do I stop this notification?


SmartThings comes preinstalled on Samsung phones and tablets.

Open SmartThings app, go to menu (3 lines in lower right corner), press cog in upper right corner, then turn off notifications.

FYI. Kasa works much better in Smartthings that in the Kasa App.,

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Thanks. Where do I find the SmartThings app? It doesn’t show up in my Settings > Apps, nor does it show when I click on Settings > Apps > Samsung App settings.

In Settings I do a search for “smart” and it only shows “Smart Switch” and “SmartNews”.

Do I have to first install SmartThings from the Google Play store or what?

Try going to settings, apps, scroll down to Smartthing, then chose open. I don’t have a Galaxy so it might be a little different.

Another option since SmartThings is preinstalled. Go to google play, find smartthings, the click on open (install won’t be an option since it is already installed.

Nope, already looked there. It isn’t there either. In fact, if I look in Google Play at the list of “Not Installed” apps, it shows SmartThings with the notation “Not available for device”.

Very strange. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Check to see if it is installed from the “Galaxy Store”, it could of been installed from there instead of the Play Store. Once you find it; if you do have it installed, open the SmartThings App. Next go to the “Menu” tab at the bottom right. Once that pops-up click on the gear icon on the top right. Go down to the “Easy Connection” section and uncheck the "Ask to add new device. (See attached screenshot)

Select notification. It should open the app.

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Nope. Not in the Galaxy store either, but thanks for the idea.

I believe if I select the notification it requests me to download the app (will have to double check the next time it happens)

Is this one particular device? If so what is it?

I guess I am hoping you might say it is a device with Matter support as I could imagine this not actually requiring SmartThings installed for discovery. Don’t they use BLE or something? So I’d be looking in the area of ‘scanning for nearby devices’ and I’ve seen mention of something called Fast Pair.

Yes, the notification does mention Matter! You could have found the key! However, I have ZERO knowledge of Matter. You have given me some clues on what to look for.


Ah right. I’ll have to defer to those who know what they are talking about but I understand Matter devices use, or at least can use, BLE beacons to announce they are in a pairing mode. That allows them to be detected by phones/tablets which can then fire up apps such as SmartThings or Google Home that know what to do next.

In that respect it is the same mechanism that might detect a nearby Bluetooth device without your explicitly scanning for it. Great when it is your device. Annoying when your neighbour has a new television. I’ve often had the phone detect televisions when travelling on a bus.

I believe it is what the ‘scan for nearby devices’ setting controls.

I have read that for Matter the beacon is only supposed to appear for a short period and not at all once it has been connected. I don’t know what the deal is if the device supports Matter alongside other protocols.

You sir, I believe, are a genius. I had, unknown to me, “Nearby device scanning” enabled. It is now disabled and I’ll bet that the SmartThings notification goes away.


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Imagine making a product so bad it has to be pre-installed and won’t shut off notification when you close the app. All you find are complaints on this app its like the preinstakled Mcafee of Android. Bloatware at itself worst.

if you are referring to Kasa Matter products and the constant notifications → check post 32/33 in the following thread to see if they might help in your case.

Your suggestion worked for me on my phone! There’s also a notification specifically for “ask to add new devices” so I turned that off too lol. So thankful to find your comment because I couldn’t figure out how to stop the pop up. Thank you so much!