SmartThings MultiPurpose sensors - why changing batteries so difficult?

Every time my battery does in my SmartThings sensor, it is nearly impossible to get it to join the hub again.
I would have the sensor 5ft from the hub and it never comes back to reporting states.

Is there a secret to the ST sensors or are they just that bad?

I don’t have this issue. I just have a hard time getting the battery out without cutting off a finger.


I have the same problem. I have started replacing all of my ST motion sensors because they’ve been so unreliable.

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Also make sure you’re using the correct battery manufacturer. I can’t remember which ones they recommend, but it does make a difference.


I toosed mine in the trash after I planted them on the wall several times loool. #baddesign But I learned my lesson. I don’t buy sensors for their form but for their type of batteries used…

I am using the correct battery manufacturer.
I can get them working eventually but usually take about 30minutes of playing with them.
When these sensors die and you replace the battery, they don’t simply reconnect to the hub - it is a huge pain in the ass.

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I rarely have problems reconnecting them to the hub. The trick is to place them close to the hub and while inserting the new batteries, use something like a ball point pen tip to depress the little button and wait for the green light in the sensor to start blinking. Then release the button. Usually works fine for me this way.