Smartthings Motion & Multi Sensors losing connectivity on a daily basis

I have two smartthings multi sensors which are situated on external doors, I also have two motion sensors, one which is used to automatically turn on a light bulb in the hallway. On a daily basis I have to pull the Duracell battery (new and recently replaced) out of one of these sensors in order for it to start to communicate with the hub again. It is extremely frustrating to have to do this, the sensors are not very far away from the hub and thin walls separate them.

After the two recent firmware updates which have been pushed to the hub, I have had to (re)pair all Smarthings sensors (Motion and Multi Sensor) as they stop communicating with the hub.

I have contacted support which suggest moving the location of the hub away from the main router. This I did and things appeared to be ok for about two weeks with the sensors not disconnecting . I removed and paired them to start afresh. However, I now have to pull the battery out of the Front Door Multi sensor and Stairs motion sensors on a daily basis.

I am quickly losing the acceptance factor from the rest of the family as they warn of intrusion and turn on light bulbs. I do not trust the intrusion detection alerts I get from the front door sensor (it stops communicating in an open state usually in the early hours of the morning).

However, only the Smarthings sensors are experiencing these issues. I purchased a Xiaomi Motion Sensor, and added this device in February, it has not disconnected or had to be (re)paired to the hub. The Smarthings power outlet I have also works flawlessly.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to what could be the cause of the problem. I am wondering if the sensors are faulty, the hub and sensors were a gift so I am unable to return them. I have ordered a Xiaomi door sensor to test if they have the same problem.


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I have ad issues with my ST branded motion sensors. Here is what I would do…

1 - Ask them to replace the one you have that is acting up.
2 - Don’t buy those anymore, get the Lowes Iris Motion Sensors they are the best.

Do you have the xiaomi outlets? I’ve found them incompatible with ST sensors. I would not mix them together.

Change your WiFi channel just in case of interference.

I’m encountering this with smartthings presence sensors also

No I only have a Xiaomi motion sensor

Then your problem is very likely just an interference signal quality one.
Have a look here:

Thanks for your reply, my hub is currently operating on zigbee channel 14 and my 2.4Ghz wifi network channel is 1. The 5Ghz network channel is 36.

If you read through you will see that zigbee 14 and wifi channel 1 are right on top of each other. Best you take a look and shift the wifi channel.

Yes I just worked that out also, I have changed the 2.4Ghz wifi channel to 13. Hopefully that might sort it.

Thanks very much for your assistance :grinning:

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I have been experiencing this issue too.
Some official Samsung sensors, and zwave bulbs show disconnected in the new ST app.

All automations still work ( if motion sensor shows disconnected, lights still turn on with motion)
They show online and working in ST Classic.
They show online and working in IDE


  • pull the sensor battery for 10 seconds. (or turn off power to the bulb for 10 seconds)
  • done
    *** no need to delete and add device ***