SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors for pivoting doors?

Hello, community,

I’m thinking to buy a Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, especially because I wanna use the two Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors with my home doors.

My concern using this sensors is because my doors are pivoting and when closed, the door frames don’t stay in the same level with the door (you can see a perfect example of how stays in this picture:

So, if sensors are not aligned due the different levels between door and frame, will they work to notify when door opens?

Tks in advance!

I find the Smartthings door sensors to be VERY critical on how close the magnet is to show ‘Closed’ - they almost have to be touching.
I’m in the UK and use Z-Wave door sensors (Foxx or Aeon Labs) which I find can have quite a large gap before reporting as open so are more forgiving if the magnet is not so close to the sensor

If you are in the US (are at least using a US smartthings hub) I think there are other door sensors available that might work for you
I’m sure some Yank will come along with some advice soon… :slight_smile:


Tks so much for your attention to the topic. I’ll check your suggestions.

I just measured the SmartThings Multisensor here in the US: it will show open/close when the gap between the sensor and the magnet is less than 1/2 inch if they are at the same level and 1/4 inch if the magnet is higher or lower.