Door sensor question

Hi guys. I’m looking to buy a door sensor but have a delima. My door downstairs when closed is not aligned to the molding. The door is more in so if I was to put a smartthings open close sensor, the bottom piece on the door would not align with the top piece on the molding. I’m going to replace the door but not for a while. I read about the ge hing door sensor but that seems to be a hit or miss. I would prefer to just put a smartthings sensor but don’t know how to align it with the top part.

A more expensive option is the Sensitive strip.
This fits in the door shut.
Neat and invisible when the door is closed.
Google Sensitive Strip.

Im not sure if this would work for you but i had a similar issue with door molding. I placed the sensor perpendicular to each other rather than parallel and the sensor still reported accurately if it was open/close.

I have tried with lowes contact sensor promo here Back again! Iris motion and contact sensors 33% off buy 2 get 1 free + Rebate? as well as the contact sensor $10-14

I haven’t tried with Smartthings contact sensor but i think it would work too.

You could use a door sensor that uses rare earth magnets, such as this:

It allows for a gap of up to 5/8".

Also, location of the sensors can be pretty much anywhere on the door frame. For instance, my back door is like yours and has a 3/4" gap on the outer frame (from the previous owner using really thick weather stripping) and 1/5" on the inner frame. So, I put the sensor on the top part of the door above the hinge. Works perfectly there.

Thanks guys for your input. I have 3 iris sensors coming tomorrow & I will see if I can get that to work. If not I may try the Ecole k sensor. I read about the sensative strips and that would be the last resort.


You can also remove the magnet from the housing to fit it in a smaller space close to the sensor.

These door sensors allow for a little more separation between the sensor and the magnet. My doors in my house have the same issueas yours but I use these sensors with no problem. Also they are about half the price of the samsung sensors. I would highly recommend giving these a shot.

Get Visonic cheaper instead of amazon
$14.20 or wait until the next promo when mydiditaldiscount drops sensor price to $10 maybe even lower with all the lowes contact sensor deals lately.

This is another option as stated above. The thin strip goes on the inside of the door frame in between the frame and the door. That way you don’t have to worry about the molding at all.

Ok guys I ordered the ecolink & will.lwt you know how it goes saturday. Thanks everyone.

I installed the ecolink sensor but the gap is still to big. So what I did was mount it at the bottom because of how my door is setup. I’ll keep it that way until I replace the door. Thanks all. Btw…is there a dth for the ecolink since it installed as a generic zwave device.

I have a GE hing door sensor originally bought for a bathroom door but ended up being installed on an metal entrance door. It has been in use for several months now without any problems. It is Z-wave Plus and only reports open/closed and battery BUT has been a good performer. I really like this device as far as easy install, pairing and performance. It’s easy on the battery too!

My first impression was the device was quite large. Once installed, it really isn’t all that intrusive and blends rather nicely with the door. I’m impressed enough that I plan on ordering 2 more for the other metal entrance doors.

How long did it take u to install?

The GE hing door sensor took about 10 minutes if that for installation. That included removing the pin and calibration.