Smartthings multipurpose sensor for garage

Has anyone had any luck using the multipurpose sensor as a garage sensor?. I have set up the Evolve Z LFM 20 switch to my garage and set the device type as Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch. On clicking the device in the Smartthings app it opens and closes the garage. I purchased the Smartthings multipurpose sensor and connected the device to the Smartthings app. I then went under Things and to the Smartthings multipurpose sensor > Edit Device and where it said “Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door” I said Yes. I attached the sensor to the garage door. The problem I am having is when I open the garage door using the Evolve, the Smartthings multipurpose sensor always shows CLOSED.

I am doing something wrong?


There are a lot of topics regarding the scenario you describe. Some of those may be able to help you immediately based on other experiences, or it may end up being an email to support. I personally don;t have your type of device, buthave you searched the Community for answers that may already exist?

This should help.

Thanks, I have read all those

If you’ve tried everything in the troubleshooting document, then it’s time to open a case with . Good luck, I’m sure it’s frustrating. Hopefully they’ll be able to help you.

I have read all the articles about this topic but they all mention the old multi sensor,I am using the new multipurpose sensor, any folks using this new sensor on a garage? I’ll check out the video and the topic about the multi getting stuck.


The same basic steps would apply to any two-piece multisensor which is stuck on reporting either open or closed, regardless of model or brand. Basically you have to check the range, the interior battery connection, the distance between the two pieces, the network pairing and the magnet orientation.

If that doesn’t do it, support can help check the individual signal strength of the device using diagnostics they have available on their side.

If it’s the new multipurpose sensor there is an option in the device properties to set it to “garage mode”

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@ajpatel2000, did you ever get this resolved? I have the new multipurpose sensor I intend to use for this same function, but I have not done it as yet. I am hoping it is now working correctly for you.

Yes I eventually got it to work. I had to keep on pairing the sensor multiple times and eventually the hub was able to recognize and quick to respond to the sensors movement. On previous attempts it responded slowly to any movements of the sensor.

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