Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor WIDE Temp Swings?

All of sudden I started getting crazy temp fluctuations…75, -85, 62, -97, -557, 119, etc. I do have the sensor outside on my gate, but it is wrapped in plastic wrap and completely dry. The battery also suddenly dropped from 100% to 66%. Any suggestions?

Anyone? Guess I will try and replace it with another. Maybe the device is defective.

Probably not as dry as you believe. Water is insistent. Please post followup when you open it up.

I checked it this afternoon, dry as a bone. Don’t get it, guess we’ll see how the new one functions. Maybe I’ll leave it out for a weeks in a covered location to test if it’s the sensor or the location.

Maybe it’s too far away from the hub and you need a repeater. I put a contact in my mailbox and its behavior was hit and miss until I put in a repeater outlet halfway between the hub and the mailbox.

It’s only about 10-15’, but the signal needs to go through two exterior walls, one of which is plaster. I’ll try a repeater if the second one gives me the same issue. Thanks for the tip.

I believe the SmartThings Multipurpose sensor is Zigbee so you’ll need a Zigbee repeater like a plug in outlet.

I ended up just returning it for another unit. So far this one is working fine. I think I might end up putting it in an outdoor gang box and buy a stronger magnet to make up for the increased distance from the sensor.