SmartThings multi sensors?

I’m looking to install a SmartThings multi sensor in an outdoor generator. I’d like to be able to monitor the internal temp; which is controlled by an internal heating unit. This is suppose to maintain an internal temp of 40 F. Plus I’d like to know when it is running and when/if the top is open. So to me this sensor would cover all of those wants. The sensor would be located inside the generator enclosure that’s a steel box, that’s sound proofed/thermally insulated. The sensor would 6-10’ away from a zigbee outlet that’s inside our garage. Anybody tired anything like this, or see any issues with this working?

Hi @NMK95, I have one of those inside a frig and it’s about 25’ away from the hub. I have had zero problems with it. Considering it’s also pretty much a steel box, and the sensor works great, I wouldn’t see an issue in your case, and I recommend pairing it closer to the repeater than the hub. If it won’t pair then do it near the hub.

OK, tx for the info. Any issues with battery life in the fridge?
I got my new multi sensor the other day and got a few basic open/closed readings before the battery died. Waiting for a new battery then I’ll get this mounted in the generator enclosure.

None at all. I’m at 50% after a year of heavy use.