Multi/temperature sensor reports wide swings

(Minollo) #1

I use my smartthings multi-sensor to read the temperature in a room and turn on/off a space heater.
I’ve been looking at the sensor events in the last couple of days, and here are a few observations:

  1. The temperature reported by the sensor is consistently 2-3 degrees lower than what is reported by a couple of other thermometers in the same room
  2. The reported temperature has wide variations in small amounts of time, for no apparent reason; for example, last night the sensor reported changes in room temperature from 64 to 66 degrees in a 15 minutes span, without any heating (space heater or central heating) occurring; then temperature jumped back down to 65 a few minutes later, 63 a few minutes later, and back to 64 eventually…

I don’t care much about 1); after all, once I know what the offset between the sensor and the “real” temperature is, that’s a non-problem; but 2) is quite disruptive, and makes for a fairly erratic space heater control… what can cause such large, physically unjustified, swings?

(Gray) #2

Yeah, I’ve noticed both of these too. (1) is still an issue if there’s no way to calibrate the readings. I have several of these, and even when side by side they all give different readings–though all clustered around a few degrees below the temperature from an actual thermometer.

And I have also noticed (2), and wondered what would cause that.

I guess I’ve given up on using the temperature readings from these to do anything useful.

(Nowfal) #3

I did write to support and got a reply back. The multis are having a know issue of wrong temperature calibrations.

I had temperatures being off by almost 8-10 in all the 3 sensors.

They said they are working on a solution and will be released soon.

(Minollo) #4

My fear is that calibration issues can be addressed through software; but erratic reading issues seem to be symptomatic of “bad” or cheap hardware… tought to patch that.

(Pmsmaker) #5

Yes, needs resolution.
Bad design = make replacement unit available.
Is it going to be a Multi or Open/Closed?