SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors Quit Working

Hello I have had two multipurpose sensors quit working after about 1 month each out at my mailbox. They worked flawlessly for awhile, but then quit. They work fine once bringing them inside.

I guess my question is does anyone have any information regarding this? My thoughts were maybe the battery has weakened just enough to quit working or that the cold temperatures are affecting them.

What’s the distance to the mailbox?

It sounds to me like it’s a distance and mesh network issue if they work once you bring them inside.

Zwave and Zigbee can be affected by the weather, so if they were already near the edge of the signal range, the weather can be enough to just push them out of range.

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It appears as though it’s a range issue considering it will start working as I walk with it from the mailbox. What is odd is it worked for a month there beforehand and that I have several devices both in and outside that should act as repeaters to my understanding.

It is 80ft from my hub inside though.

Well I relocated my hub about 40 ft closer to the mailbox and I have a repeater in the garage both devices are probably only 40 FT to the mailbox yet still fail to work. I am assuming it is the cold temperature as once I take it back inside and take the battery out and put it back in it starts working fine again.

Is there anything I could use for a mailbox sensor that may work better? Or is the cold going to be a problem with everything? I have a motion sensor outdoors on my porch, but it has zero problems working when it is 10 degrees out.