SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor going offline, excess battery use

My system is almost completely zwave, most brought over from my old Staples Connect hub. Everything usually works very well.
I decided to buy 3 of the SmartThings Multi Purpose zigbee sensors since they were discounted for buying 3. They are not very reliable. I have had to pull the battery on them several times as they loose connection. The one didn’t start with a 100% battery from new, got down to 66% after two weeks. I just put a new battery in 2 days ago, was 100% now it is down to 72% already!
I am using all 3 of them right now mainly for the vibration sensor.

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  1. don’t trust battery readings. See how long they take to actually die.
  2. is your hub at least 5+ ft away from any wifi routers?
  3. add some zigbee repeaters.

i also found Multipurpose do not like being outside and getting cold, the battery just dies within days

For me non of it is a massive pain really, just an annoyance so my next little project is battery conversions

Smartthings broke them with the last OTA update for the motion sensors. Mine was 100% battery and was dead in 3 weeks. After reading others with the same problems, I decided not to bother putting a new battery in it.

I use the Xiaomi Aqara and they don’t give me any trouble at all and are cheap as chips.

These things are useless. I cannot keep all three online at once for more than a few hours.

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