SmartThings MultiPurpose Sensor doesn't show up in live logging

It is really strange. I just purchased a Multipurpose Sensor today. I got it to pair, finally, but it is behaving oddly. If I hit the refresh button in the app I see 2 entries in the log. However, I see NO activity when the sensor is opened/closed, jostled, etc. HOWEVER, in the app I see the status change, the temp, and activity when it is moved, etc. In the device page when you pick the “events” link you can see the events and they seem to be all there - just not the live logging page.

This first couple of times it didn’t respond well/consistently or quickly, but the last pairing seemed to make it much more responsive.

FYI: pulling the battery to make it repair is absolutely a pain. Dang near impossible. It would be easier to take a chain saw to it to open it up - and much more satisfying.

The logging seems really strange, though - especially since today the logging was changed.

live logging (from the IDE login right?) specifically has intermittent reliability problems. It seems to be working now. You can search previous posts on this subject.

No, this is weirder. The device, the only one I’ve added since the logging changes yesterday, doesn’t ever show any logging in live logging in the ide from the device. However, if I press the app’s refresh button for the device I see two entries in the live logging. This is 100% consistent and the only device that seems to be working this way. All other devices seems to have all of their events showing up in live logging as expected.

In the device page itself, in the ide, the events lists show all of the actual events coming from the device, etc.

I just checked again and it is still working this way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t some leftover cleanup work that needs to be done after the “Great Logging Migration” yesterday. Perhaps with new devices? Just seems like too much of a coincidence.


I’d consider deleting the device from IDE (look for 2 devices! Though intuitively that doesn’t seem possible - MAC should be unique).

and explicitly reset the the multisensor. Zigbee sensors usually require pressing a button WHILE inserting the battery to reset. The multisensor may have a different specific procedure - sorry I’ve never had to do it.

But yes, I agree the recent change in infrastructure is a monkeywrench in trying to fix any weird behaviour you are seeing now, that may have nothing to do with your configuration or your attempts to clear it.

Already did that, twice. Boy, you get a surprise bonus when you try and re-pair the new model… It is almost impossible to get the battery out and then to put it back in while holding down the little button is even more exciting. I’d like to have a little chat with the designer of this device… At first I was thinking with a baseball bat, but upon reflection I’d rather leave them with a stack of a dozen to re-pair and a sledgehammer - but the sledgehammer is locked away so that they can’t get at it no matter how hard they try… Seems more fitting, but maybe too cruel. :slight_smile: (sorry, I digress). I do like the small size, however.

Since the app sees the state and info change instantly now I don’t think it is a pairing problem but just something in the server/ide/logging infrastructure. It would be interesting to know if anyone else ever gets a new (or old) device in the same mixed up state. I filed a case with support.


Hi @dmw999 - just checking if you ever got around to solving this problem. I bought the starter kit recently (a week ago) and have the exact same issue with multi-purpose sensors and smart plug spring up a few hours ago, the motion sensor seems fine though. Nothing in live logging as of today morning, except when I hit refresh i see “refreshing values” followed by “Sending enroll response”. If I actually look at the event listing under device in IDE, its all there, but nothing on live logging. I also started using CORE this morning but not all the sensors are being used in pistons yet, so wondering if there is a co-relation.