Strangeness with a SmartThings multipurpose sensor

I have been using a SmartThings multipurpose sensor on my front door for a while, and a month or so ago it just claimed to be offline. Today I decided to migrate everything over to the new App and figure out what’s going on with this sensor.

I replaced the battery, and it started to send readings again, but SmartThings (both apps) was still claiming it was offline. So I removed it, and reset it (it is one that says it was Designed by SmartThings). However, instead of having to be manually added, it just connects itself back to my hub. No intervention required.

But then, it only appears in the Classic SmartThings app and is online and working, but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the new SmartThings app. However, to make things even more fun, the new SmartThings Security control does see it, but says that it is offline.

Looking at the SmartThings IDE, it’s present and online. So I’ve deleted it from there, and rebooted the hub. But I’m still having issues with it. I disabled Zigbee insecure rejoin, which has stopped itself from just being added, but then when I do go and manually add it, it just connects itself up and the SmartThings app doesn’t notice.

What can I do? I want to move entirely over to the new app so that I only have to worry about a single one (there are features on it I find quite useful). I don’t want to get a new sensor either since this seems perfectly functional and it’s a software issue.

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