MultiSensor offline in the app, but online and working in IDE?

Anyone got any thoughts here?

I have a couple of SmartThings Multi Purpose Sensors attached to the bay windows at the front of the house. Both are in range and have been working for a few weeks pretty solidly. However, a few days ago the ‘left’ one started displaying as ‘Disconnected’ in the app (Samsung Android, all up to date, new app). The right one is fine - been working normally. They’re connected to a V3 Hub which is on Ethernet. No other Zigbee devices are exhibiting this issue. Secure mode was off, but it’s currently on (I wanted to see if that was causing an issue.)

I tried opening the window to trigger the sensor to send an update, which did nothing as far as the app was concerned. However, when logging into the IDE it is displaying as ONLINE and Events are coming through for it. (Last activity was 4 mins ago at the time of writing this.) As far as the IDE is concerned, everything is working completely normally.

So why isn’t the app seeing this info too? And does anyone know how to get things back in sync?


The app can see some info - it’s displaying the activity in the device detail screen. But still complains it’s offline and doesn’t display any current states:

Got no answer but I was seeing the same thing with a Zigbee socket and a single Z-wave switch recently. Both showed disconnected in the new SmartThings app but online in the IDE.

I hadn’t looked at the app in a couple of days until just now. The issue seems to have healed itself for me.

It seems to happen fairly often in the new app. Usually, if I reboot the hub via the IDE, they will reconnect. I ignore the disconnects unless I need to use the devices in an automation.

I wasn’t even having issues with automatons. The Zooz z-wave switch which showed as Disconnected in the app but online in the IDE was included in a Smart Lighting automation. Worked just fine. :unamused:

I could have worded that better. Existing automations still seem to work if a device is disconnected but I am not able to add a disconnected device to a new or existing automation until I get it to reconnect.


As Steve said, reboot your hub from the IDE. This has solved it for me in the past.

Thanks for the responses, rebooting the hub via the IDE has worked for me.

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