Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor checkinterval gone to 7260

HI All - New to Smartthings. Just purchased the starter kit a week ago from amazon UK. I have noticed that my multipurpose sensors keep going offline every few days at which point the app reports they are stuck in active or open state. Only option then is to open the sensor and fidget with the battery (to mimic re-inserting it) and then the sensor leds go on and it reconnects. However from the browser api, I can now see that initially the checkinterval parameter under the sensors used to be 720, but now its gone to 7260. I feel this interval is also impacting temperature reporting and knock detection now. As a result, the virtual thermostat smartapp which turns on a cooling fan is delayed by hours and never turns the fan off when it reaches set temperature. Also knock detection app is all over the place. Lastly battery levels also keep fluctuating between 100 and 78.
I have moved the hub to the same level as the two sensors and even have the smart plug connected in the vicinity to no effect. Meanwhile the motion sensor which is a whole level away is happily reporting things and checking in with the hub every 5-10 mins.
Is there anyway to change the checkinterval or is that symptom of other issues? Any other ideas? Or is the motion sensor more reliable than multi-purpose sensors and this is just normal?

I use two of these sensors one for the overhead garage door without magnet simply to show if garage door is open or not. It’s interval is 7260. The other sensor on my front door uses the magnet. The interval for this unit is 720.
I know this doesn’t answer your question but perhaps someone can draw a conclusion from all of this.

I’ve been having similar problems. The temp works, and it actually seems to be working better than it has before but it isn’t registering open and close events. I just checked the interval and it is 720. Clicking on that I can see it went back and forth from 720 to 7260 twice within an hour about 5 days ago but no change since then.

I’ve submitted a ticket but nothing but crickets so far.

From what I can tell - perhaps the sensor experiences a bad connection to the hub/repeater and realises it will lose a lot more battery doing checkins every 720secs, so it changes to 7260 seconds and stays there but under certain criteria may change back to 720. I have seen motion sensors and presence sensors yo yo between 1260 and 720, but the multi-purpose sensors are the ones stuck at 7260 in my setup. I am seeing temperature readings every 3-4 hours today, even though the sensor is sending other info (open/close) in real time. It seems even if it sends an open/close notification, it does not tack the temperature info during that checkin - temp readings still come in every 4 hours!

Shortly after posting last night I got an email from Samsung. They had looked at the logs and could tell it was actually my sensor. That definitely saved me a lot of chasing rabbits having them take a look. I would definitely submit a ticket so they can look at things on their end. It may take a couple days thought. Since they are going to replace my sensor I am very pleased with their support right now.

Sigh, one of my multi sensors is doing this as well. when they said it was your sensor did they say it was bad?

I opened a ticket as well now. Lets see what they say!
Originally I had just one multi-purpose sensor with the problem, now the second one went offline and came back with a checkinterval of 7260 as well. And now I see temperature updates from both of them every 2-5 hours! Open/close events come in real time as always, and nothing has gone offline in last 2 days after the last battery re-insertion.
This morning I shut down the hub for 30 mins (pulled out batteries and power) in the hopes that everything will come back with 720 checkinterval, but no dice, multi-purpose sensors still stuck at 7260!

The email just said “after looking at your sensor, something is definitely wrong” and asked for my address. They didn’t give much detail but since they are sending me a new one I’m ok with that.

I have seen so many people with sensor issues in the past week or so that it sure seems like something is going on though.

My issue ended up being battery, considering the battery level stated it was 66% I thought it should be good. Then after more research I found that I cant trust battery level.

I got a response on my ticket to remove and reset the sensors - press the button while inserting battery. Painful process given how difficult it is to get the battery in n out and now I need to hold the reset button down at the same time - will try today :slight_smile:

A big fat ditto here from me. Just tried the multi sensor for the first time to get a heater to turn on when it gets too cold in my dad’s room, as he’s not able to get up very easily…

Virtual Thermostat didn’t do anything, even though the switch and the sensor appeared to be working fine, so I set up CoRE (no clue, total newbie here, but the wiki instructions were marvellous) and tried to automate via a piston instead. The simulation worked fine, but when left to run, nothing has been happening.

Hit Google, found this thread, looked at the api… lo and behold, a checkinterval parameter of 7260. Support emailed!

good luck if you hear anything from support - they have not come back with anything on this parameter so far. Please reference them my support case number 288904 and now 302611 - might speed up things up for you! Have sent them a link to this thread as well.

Thanks jassi! I am in correspondence with a support engineer now, and have
quoted your support ticket number: fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Well… I have exchanged quite a few emails with support, and they performed some sort of unspecified “tweak” to the sensor by accessing my account. I will post the correspondence here soon, but the practical upshot is that the sensor is now at least reporting temperature, just at REALLY variable intervals!

Since my last contact with support, temperature has been reported by the sensor with the following timings:

2hrs 15mins
1hr 15mins
1hrs 25 mins
2hrs 16 mins
5 minutes
5 minutes
5 minutes
3 minutes
12 minutes
25 minutes
1hr 36mins
17 minutes
3hrs 16mins
30 minutes
25 minutes
20 minutes
40 minutes
1hr 31mins
30 minutes
1hr 20mins
11 minutes
40 minutes
5 minutes

At time of writing, I am still seriously considering sending the whole kit and caboodle back, all on account of one dodgy sensor!

That said, I’m desperate to get into the realm of eTRV’s as I have a big old house with a lot of radiators and my energy bills are astronomical… what to do?!

How much does the temperature change between intervals?

Temp changes over the past 24 hours have been anywhere from “not at all” to
4 Celsius.

I now have a Fibarro ZW5 on the case as well. It still seems fairly random
how often it reports in, but thus far it is much more consistent than the
ST sensor!

No. Between reporting in? There’s usually a pattern.

Apologies if I wasn’t clear: I meant that the temperature changes between
reports over the past 24 hours have been anywhere from 0-4 degrees C. The
last two reports from the ST sensor were changes of -3 and +1, after 6.5
hours and 5 minutes respectively.

So I’ve got escalation on my case now and they did the special tweak for me as well. After the tweak all my sensors now have a check interval of 720 except for one motion sensor. Temperature reports are random from a few mins to a few hours, but I think that’s normal as temperature reports only happen when temperature changes.

For mine, the temp difference between reports is 1 F. I can get it to report in more frequently by doing a refresh. That’s why I was wondering about the temp difference.