Smartthings multi circuit Z-wave DIN rail for Camper project? (6 to 8 switches)

Hey Guys I am working on a project it’s my camper with smartthings, I need a board with multi channel switches where I can customize the switch, also a board that read tanks water levels.I have a Panel thst has about 8 switches, it turn on and off, Boiler, lights, sliders.

Do you guys know anything that will be compatible with ST



“Multichannel” has a specific meaning in a smartthings context, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you mean here.

Can you give more details about what you’re trying to accomplish?

Bookmarking this one. One of my other projects is a Skoolie build that we are doing. Putting some smarts in it would be great, but with SmartThings? How do you go off grid and stay connected to the cloud?

Might want to consider Hubitat for that application…

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One device with 6 or 10 switches.

Like this one

I have a badass Router and ATT Device with unlimited Internet data, runs on 12V also, it will keep my ST online.

I have AT&T as well, and there are a good number of areas that are dead zones, particularly out west…

Hi Sorry for the delay, yes after a couple tests, looks like I am going to use Mimo2+ for the sliders and probally mimolite for a couple switches , I was able to Install Honeywell smart thermstat, had to convert the power from 12v to 24v and install a bunch relays in order to get heat and AC working properly, about ATT here in east coat most of the camping we went last year, very strong signal from ATT, we were able to watch TV Streaming and Nextflix youtube using a cellphone internet tethering so that is why this season I installed a dedicated internet from ATT on my camper.

Awesome. Just be aware that as you go west, cellular signals can be few and far between in the more unpopulated areas… In my experience, and the experiences of a good number of other folks, when my AT&T phone doesn’t work, my family members Verizon does, and when their Verizon doesn’t, my AT&T does, with very few exceptions… Lots of full time digital nomads are using both AT&T and Verizon hotspots to stay online…

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