Smartthings motion settings

I am looking at getting a smartthings hub, but havent done it yet. If you know of any great deals on the hub, please let me know.

If I set up a motion detector in my bath, is it possible to have smartthings put the power at 30% at night? I am thinking when my wife or I get up to use the bathroom, there will be some light without fumbling for a switch, and we wont be blinded. If you have this and it works, does it have to go to 100% and then dims to 30% or do you have to leave it on at say 10% so you could increase it to 30%? (The reason I’m asking is x10 had weird stuff like this)

Next issue Is it possible to set up an artificial sunrise? Say 10% power at 5:30am, 15% power at 535am, 20% power at 540am, 25% power at 545?

Thanks for any advice

yes all of the above is possible, even basing your interior dimmer levels on exterior lux levels rather than being limited to a time based schedule.

Thanks Mike…Do you by chance know of any videos showing how to set it up?

Step 1:

Get ST

Step 2:

connect devices

Step 3:

Install Rule machine as it’s really one of the only smartapps you need, including the requested rules you posted, and much much more.